The 100 Day Reality Challenge

S1 day 7 and 8 - wonderful spiritual advice

The amazing spiritual insight I've received over the past two days has been truly amazing! Its funny because I've been asking for financial support: what I mean to say is dear friends, I didn't call an 0906 number for a psychic to quench my thirst for answers - in fact the answer lay with my kick-ass best friend Chrissy. She was mega understanding about my need to opt for emotional freedom technique sessions and she also gave me three lovely summer tops she no longer needed! That truly was an abundant gift from her :0)

I completed last night with a money meditation I did, here is the link its absolutely great

And when I finished I thanked my lucky stars for all the rich advice I received as well as the additional surprise gift. Oh I almost forgot, she even offered me a lovely dinner and wine. Im soo grateful to have a friend like her, I'm truly blessed. On that note, this evening before writing my blog I spoke to my friend Victor - now he truly is the Dalai Lama amongst our group. His advice to me was as following: if someone is not meant to be in your life it means neither of your vibrations are meeting. Resham, you're a lovely girl and you deserve someone whose gonna treat you right. Right now you may not see that everything has happened for the best, however in a few months time you'll look back and realise you're the luckiest girl ever. Priceless. God bless you Victor

I gave myself a break of doing stuff yesterday for London; however I did find the perfect flat in London but I don't know how to add the picture! Can someone let me know? I went to the camera icon at the top of the screen but after uploading the photo it direct me to so the photo didn't come out. Ohh! I really want to show you the flat its beautiful.

Things I did for London today:

* added more clothes to my suitcase - its now officially ready
* sorted out my journalism portfolio
* e-mailed 02 phone company to see whether a UK no. can work in my town. Orange network called me today stating there's no possible way my current UK no. can receive phonecalls; hence the reason why I'm trying 02

p.s. Im working on the affirmations still - I realised I can't jump into them straight away as I'm still eliminating the negativity in my system. I'm sure when I'm ready I'll say them. For the meantime, the visualisations are the way forward.

Love and blessings to you all,


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