The 100 Day Reality Challenge

S1 - Day 71: Biggest Manifestation for my Season 1 realized!

Last week I had the most surprising event. The opportunity that I thought went away circled and landed right in my lap! What an amazing synchronicity! I was elated to receive my offer on Monday for the position I interviewed for in May. I begin my new position on the 15th, a few weeks prior to the end of my season 1. This is a huge transition for me as I've been working part-time exclusively from home for about 2.5 years since my daughter was born (except a 5 month period I had a project that was full-time). Life is taking a turn for a new chapter as I begin a new position with a slightly different angle than I have ever had in my career. This new position is more centered on what I really desire in my heart to being doing, so I am so excited! It will be a transition for me to leave my daughter during the day with her nanny again, however she is beginning her montessori this fall, so her life will change 4 days a week too come the next season. Exciting times for new developments and realizing dreams! This past week I've spent a lot of time being with my daughter playing and sharing quality moments together. Life still amazes me and it is nice to be surprised with opportunities and turn of events that are least expected. I know how much I really desired this role and opportunity when I thought it wasn't available. I am so grateful for the turn of events that gave me the opportunity! I look forward to sharing my gifts and talents with others as I am being present in my new opportunity starting next week.

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