The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So, I just checked the date calendar and discovered that my season 1 100 days just ended like yesterday and though I kind of feel off the wagon with my updates I didn't completely fall off with my intentions.

I will just my list down and put the status of each one.

1) make quality friends that I can go do things with....I have come a step forward in this area, honestly discussing problem areas/issues with current friends I believe to be worth keeping and making a few new ones recently, so that's progress

2) lose 10 lbs, be healthy toned/'s one area where I got to a certain point of improvement and then simply maintained, will definitely be a bigger priority into the next season

3) continue healthy eating of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, even through the holidays...I did pretty well at this until about Christmas/New Years, which always the most difficult, but overall I did integrate these into my regular day to day routine

4) walk the dog every day that I'm in town (will be gone for 1 wk for t-giving & 2 wks for x-mas), I need it and so does he...did take some walks, but not everyday

5) continue yoga and meditation, but do it on a more regular/consistent basis...thoroughly enjoyed my time for yoga/meditation, have gotten away from it with my husband being home, but hope to get back to a "normal" routine soon

6) finish 1st semester of school with good grades--doing the best I can...made a 3.88 GPA and made the Dean's List for the school of health sciences, very proud of that!

7) have a nice, enjoyable, peaceful visit with my family in December when I go home for x-mas and new years...I did do this, it had it's difficult moments, but it was everything I needed it to be

8) take the time to renew between semesters so that I can have a solid start for the spring semester b/c it will be challenging...yes and no...returning to work was stressful and going home was refreshing yet stressful at the same time, but it was a nice break

9) prepare for my husband Ben's return from Iraq by finishing clearing out a space for him to do his "man" stuff out in the garage and other organizing projects around the house...did a great job at this--garage turned out awesome and he was sooo surprised, also cleaned out 2 closets and organized a few other spaces--SUCCESS! (I will add pix soon)

10) starting working on commissioning application package, so that I can submit it by May AT THE LATEST...okay there is a mental block here...I am still going to submit the package and see what happens but this is not the job I truly want, I truly want to be in the health field which my degree is in, so we'll see if I get approved and go from there, but I'm still going to apply for grad school and roll right into that just in case

At one point I felt distracted by doing the updates because I was so excited about trying to do them everyday or as often as possible, so then I kinda just ignored it altogether. But I'm still learning alot about myself and my true priorities. I'm so grateful to have my husband home from Iraq and am looking forward to the year ahead and the possible changes that may be taking place in our life (i.e. moving, etc). Thanks to everyone for their positive thoughts and support. I hope to officially start season 2 on Monday 23's always good to start things on a Monday.

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Comment by Robin Amy Bass on February 18, 2009 at 11:34pm
my first Season lasted 103 days! I lost 3 days, around Day 63. Anyway, here I am on Season2.I.hope to keep better track! I think it's because I'm a Libra:)

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