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hey everyone! so it's been a minute since i've posted. a lot has happened since i last did. i just manifested a new job with a serious bump in pay! I feel super grateful! it will be challenging and I will be learning so much! and also includes a bunch of benefits I didn't have before! What's funny to me is that I sent out rockets of desire last year to help to manifest more money, and it's been happening rapidly this year, and I haven't even been focusing on it, it's not even one of my goals this season! so it has perhaps caused me to focus elsewhere for a bit besides my current season's goals, which is the challenging part! i've also been thinking a lot about moving to a new apartment that would make my commute easier, so that's been taking up a bunch of my time.

however, i have been continuing to meditate and relax every day at the sauna, and i've been writing down my insights, so that's been working for me, about to go do that again today.

let's see, for other goals, i've been starting to look at ways to improve the feng shui in my house for love. i've been brainstorming and studying more about entrepreneurship. i have been researching which pets are best for me and also where to keep them in my apartment. and i have organized a system for cleaning clutter. today i plan on cleaning the house, eating, going to the sauna, watering the plants, going to work, going to help out friends after work do some moving stuff. basically, a super packed day today, so i must go!

much love

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