The 100 Day Reality Challenge

hey all,

getting back on here, almost half way through my season now, i've been super busy with work and other stuff, as usually goes these challenges, it has been tough for me to get on here and update. but anyways I'm still looking to focus on my goals: attracting one love partner, creating one product or service to start a business with, and zero clutter. today i will take some action steps and reflections to go about making this happen. it's a snow day here so i should be able to gather tons of clutter to get rid of and organize in my house, which will be awesome. i've been doing a lot at work to organize and clear clutter from the space, which i think is having very positive effects :) i will do some more research and figure out and write about creating some new products, maybe at least an hour of writing. and i will work some magic to attract a love partner ;) it is done! it feels great having attracted one love partner, i am in love! we are hanging out once a week now, but i love seeing her and getting to know her on a deeper level, about her fears and dreams, and loves :) it feels great to tell this story! i am also super happy having created a product or service and now i need to look into how feasible it is and do some research. my apartment looks amazing now that there is no clutter. feels really good! much love from my future (now) self <3

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Comment by CalmWind2 on March 15, 2017 at 3:01pm

And so it is!

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