The 100 Day Reality Challenge

allllllrighhhht i'm back here for a new challenge. i've been weaving through life this past year going through some crazy changes and i want to take the reins on my life again. here are my intention / goals for season 18:

these are primarily habit-forming goals, so I will be pretty much focusing on the Rule of 5: Five daily actions to forward your goal and listing 5 daily successes I've enjoyed:

- sit, do nothing.
- gardening
- (vegan) weightlifting
- lay in the sun doing as little as possible
- vacation in a tropical rainforest climate
- yoga
- swimming
- sleep as much as possible, go to bed before 10 or 11am
- attract a lover
- cultivate one or two close friends

so today, for day 1, I bought a yoga mat and a book on hatha yoga, so that I can get back into a regular practice! :) I'm also excited about trying a class at a local yoga studio / ashram, maybe it'll lead to a nice path and study :)

i'm pretty tired now and should go to bed, but it's really nice to have created all of these goals, it took a me a little while to do so, and so one day at a time, i definitely didn't do 5 things related to the list above, but i definitely spent a lot of time with my goals today, so i'm happy with it!



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