The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well 100 days have come and gone. Feels like forever ago that I found this group somewhat out of desperation. Yet 100 days didn't seem like enough time to truly change my thinking and build the life that I want. Well was it enough?

Surprisingly, for the most part, yes. My goals were to find love (aka my partner in crime), move from where I am living in the mountains of NY and find work that I care about.

Wellll, I started out wanting to get back together w/my ex, bc I had never really loved anyone before him. Now I'm dating an englishman that I swear I must have manifested in this experience. There are so many NO WAY things about him that just fit perfectly into my life and my dreams for this life. The picture is still being drawn of course, but thus far things are working out beautifully.

Moving, moving, moving. Well I still live in the mountains, but it seems I'm here far less. My boyfriend came to the states for a week and we stayed in the city which was amazing as always. Next week I'm off to the UK to visit him and then Florence for a week and back to the UK for a bit. I still have real estate to manage in new york so I'll have to come back in september but I feel myself moving on from here permanently this fall.

Work that I care about....still not sure about that one. I have found a writing course that I want to take and I feel like that will hopefully lead to my next big thing. I can't actually afford to sign up at the moment though. Money used to never be an issue but it seems to have dried up a bit lately. Well actually I am collecting the same as always but my spending has spiked, ugh!!! Season 2 theme perhaps?

The lessons I've learned from CCOR have been many. So many things that I've used to keep balanced and happy have come from suggestions from my fellow co-creators. EFT has been one of the most wonderful tools, Abraham Hicks, visioning, meditating and just writing about this experience has kept me in touch with the process of creating. Knowing that in a low moment full of doubt or even blissful moments that I want to celebrate a breakthrough, I can come here and find a bunch of amazing souls to cheer me on is truly the find of a lifetime. You are all so generous with your comments and make me think more deeply about what it is I'm living out and why or what I'm to take from each experience.

I am very much looking forward to season 2 "100 days of Gratitude" that I aim to begin on August 20th w/all of the open hearters. Until then I'm going to meditate on what it is I want to focus on this time. It funny how my goals changed so much and I'm sure will continue to change. Half the fun of all of this is clarifying what I want so I can just reach out and grab it!!

Love to all of you and see you back here in a couple of weeks:)


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