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S1-D12 Nice little surprise and perhaps synchronicity?

Well this week has been a little rough. My emotions have been a bit difficult to control, not weepy or fearful but just a bit uneasy feeling with no obvious cause. Not understanding why I felt like that I found it very difficult to lighten my mood. But I read your blogs and made a happy music playlist (thanks again CreativeConqueror:) and watched bits of A New Earth webcast on It all helped and today I've felt positive and motivated and actually got more accomplished than expected.

Well anyway, on to the good stuff. Last week in my visualizations I focused on money. I did an affirmation saying I wanted 25 million dollars (dream big, no?) and felt positively radiant while doing it. Looking back I realize I phrased it incorrectly and should have made it a statement about "I have" instead of reaffirming "I want". Regardless though I think it worked! When I got my mail today there was an envelope from the NY Lottery. I almost didn't open it bc I just thought it was junk mail but then I remembered that I had gotten a lottery subscription for my birthday. I just never remember to follow it. Hee hee hee, I got REALLY excited, opened the envelope and found a real live check with my name on it. My prize? Seven dollars:) But it may have well been a million because it was truly inspiring to think that I created this. And seven is a lucky number, no?

Next time I feel a bit wary or doubtful I'm going to remember to just accept the moment and be patient because there is a little bit of fun around every corner. I'm also going to work on my visualizations and affirmations bc I can't wait to see what else can come from them!

Happy creating to all!

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