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I just got back from a whirlwind weekend of driving from New York to Philadelphia to pick up a friend and then we were off to Boston to see the Volvo boats race. I had a wonderful time, love love love sailing and meeting sailors and their families from around the world was awesome. I lived in Boston for six years and forgot how cute it is. I miss the gardens and being able to walk to everything I could ever want to do. I miss having friends nearby. I miss the cute European architecture, my favorite restaurants and most of all, having people around. I felt horrible driving back to farm country where I really only see people once a week and it's usually the mailman or gas station guy (both of whom are nice but still). I'm so ready to leave this isolation and make a home in a city somewhere. I truly never thought I'd be in the states but there must be a reason I ended up back here. Usually my next step is so obvious to me, but this time nothing is forthcoming.

I have three more apartments to rent out up here and then I'm gone. Where I'm going will present itself now that I am clearly stating my intentions to leave. I am going to diving in Ecuador in June and I want to have somewhere to move when I get back. New York and Boston are both great places for me, but I would like to live somewhere new. I would love to end up in Europe, but I think I'd try any city in the world right now. Universe please send signs bc I am SO READY!!! Oh and if my new city could not have cows that'd be great. Love cows but I don't want their aroma to follow me to my new home:) Danke!

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