The 100 Day Reality Challenge

While this is not my "official" post for day 2 of my journey, I just felt the need to write out my thoughts for today.  While watching a video I found on this site I was drawn to investigate what was being discussed.  It was an Abraham Hicks video where they were asked about Ramtha, and his nature.. and Abraham simply said "you would have to ask him."  So, having never heard of Ramtha - I went to google and searched.  I also found information on Seth.  Ramtha, I found interesting and timeless.  Seth... well, I guess he was just hard to understand.   That could have been compounded by the discord in my house with the boys fighting and not listening to anything I told them while Seth was on.  I will have to get back to that during a more quiet time. 

Spent the day reminding myself who I really am and seeing the beauty that is all around when you stop looking at the ugliness that is "what is."

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