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I had the most wonderful day today. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened, just my reactions I guess. I woke up to a heavy rain that lasted the whole day. Normally I like to read outside and don't like to miss out due to the weather but instead of poo pooing I opened the back door and listened to the birds having a party in the rain, it was really quite sweet.

Waiting for me in my inbox this morning was an email from my ex. I traveled and sailed with him for what felt like a lifetime and I really have no doubt that he is my soulmate. I miss him terribly and don't hear from him often so it was a nice surprise. What was nicer is typically when I see his name in my inbox my heart starts pounding. Then I read the email and remember how sweet he is and how wonderful it is to have him share bits of his new life with me. That turns into poor me for having lost him and then I usually panic and worry that this email was the last I'll ever get and he's found someone new that he'll marry and I'll have missed out on "the one" for me. I know that it's crazy but it's what happens every time. Today though, I read it (and to be honest re-read throughout the day:) and just appreciated the fact that I had someone for a time that I truly loved so deeply and opened me up to loving everything in this world in a way I never imagined existed. Loving him, even now that he's gone still makes me soo soo happy. Happy that I know what this feels like, happy that he's found his dream job in europe after a year of searching, happy that even though he's not here for me to love in person I know that the most amazingly kind, loving, wonderful man exists. He's not just the stuff of fairy tales ladies, I am very grateful to know that firsthand.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I did join a fun new group on CCOR and am looking forward to driving to the nearest city tomorrow to buy "Busting Loose". The reviews on Amazon were phenomenal and I feel very confident in Jensine's recommendation...but I must say the title "Busting Loose" sounds more like a digestive disorder than a self-empowerment/co-creating book!

Must try to keep an open mind:)

Well I hope you are all well and happy right where you are. It seems like my dreams feel more real each day and it's primarily bc of the wonderful people I'm sharing this journey with. Big hugs, blessings, cookies, whatever makes you smile!


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Comment by Monimons on May 18, 2009 at 7:44pm
Oh Kirsten thank you. You are always so kind! I certainly have had lots of ups and downs w/him but I never would have learned what I've learned and I truly am a happier person as a result of our time together. If only I could say these things to him!

I'm very glad that the delegating is going so well for you:) 10 clients is nothing to the universe I'm sure. I'm a firm believer that if you ask for what you want you'll get it. Sometimes that takes courage but it's always worth it.

I love the LOA Marathon, got my sweet email on day 4:) I'm pulling for you to get the trampoline, that sounds so fun!

Big hugs and thanks!
Comment by Kirsten Nielsen on May 15, 2009 at 8:15am
Monica, you inspire me!

I am touched by the love you have for your ex - and the gratitude and appreciation you find.

Also I want to give you an up-date about the "delegating to universe"...
I set a goal of attracting 3 new clients this week. I had put on my list what I knew I would do myself (contact some people in my network, contacting some of my previous clients and write on a my newsletter. And from my own efforts I attracted two new clients :-)
Also "I talked" to the universe releasing my need to know the "how" to attract clients. Yesterday, the last day of my 4 days LOA Marathon, there was an e-mail from a woman I don't know and who was referred to me, by someone I would never have thought about referring me :-)
Monday I will start another 4 days LOA Marathon...and perhaps ask for 10 new clients :-)

Love and gratitude


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