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Though I have been keeping up with my commitment to myself via meditation, journaling, LOA and CCOR, I have absolutely been slacking when it comes to my every day responsibilities and following through on what the LOA brings me. Earlier in the year I utilized the law of attraction to buy an apartment house that I wanted. But after my closing, instead of remaining focused until all of my apartments were rented (owning apartments isn't that profitable sans tenants!!), I immediately moved my attention to visualizing attracting my partner-in-crime. I haven't made enough of an effort to market and fill the vacancies I have and when I did delegate to the universe/my manager to bring me good applicants, I didn't follow up on all of the leads that resulted.

Going forward I am going to focus on one thing at a time, until I feel like I can handle multiple goals concurrently. Also, I am a "CO-creator" and my share of the work is not just visualizing and staying positive. When the universe sends me opportunities I have to ACT and not just think, great I got what I asked for maybe I can visualize the processing of applications and someone else will take care of that. Why would I get more great leads in the future if I squander the ones that I have now?

I am disappointed but I am very glad that I caught myself doing this. Hopefully another 4 day LOA Marathon will do the trick, followed by awareness that in addition to allowing I need to be prepared for inspired action as well.

Feels so much better to write this out and commit to change rather than worry about having slipped up. YAY CCOR:)

Well I'm off to be less lazy, wish me luck!


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Comment by Monimons on May 27, 2009 at 5:53pm
Thanks so much Rachel!!! I've actually have followed through, w/more work to be done tomorrow but this time I'm excited to do it:)


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