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I'm back from the Galapagos, this trip began with a dream about diving in February, followed by an invite to join this dive group the very morning I woke up from the dream. I didn't know what would come of it (still don't) but I knew I was meant to go. The trip was strange, beginning with a karmic meeting in Miami.

My first two flights were delayed and they lost my luggage, causing me to miss my flight to Galapagos and the boat I was getting on to dive. I have traveled the world over more than once and never had any trouble getting anywhere with my luggage in tow. This one time that I actually had a schedule to keep to and my dive gear checked everything seemed to go wrong. Day one in Miami, I spent 12 hours talking to agents trying to get to Ecuador to catch my boat in the Galapagos and being passed from one customer service area to another trying to find my dive gear. The second day I was in Miami I checked on the status of my lost bag and was once again told it would take several hours to find. Upset I walked upstairs to go back to my hotel when a man stopped me and asked how I was doing. He was in an American Airlines uniform and I was tempted to be rude because that's how they had treated me for 24 hours but I said fine I suppose, but my luggage was gone and I was missing the boat I had paid all of my savings to be on that day. He asked if I would have coffee with him which I thought was strange but it felt right as well. We grabbed coffee and he started to say how impressed he was with how calm I seemed. I didn't feel calm but I said that the situation was what it was and worrying wasn't going to change it, which was true. He then launched into a talk about good energy and vibrations and because he felt that mine was positive there must be a reason behind my delay. I was thinking the same thing bc I was so positive and excited about this trip and I couldn't figure out why it seemed to be going wrong. Well he spoke in the CCOR language and had been pretty much on the same path as all of us, but still not finding his reason for being. He had been born in the Congo and wanted to go back to help and was studying International Relations part time so he could eventually go back and help. I had been reading Muhammad Yunus "Creating A World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism" and was so struck by how relevant it was to everything he was talking about so I showed it to him. He was very excited about it saying he felt like it was another key to his path and he was sure that's why we were meant to meet. I agreed and when we said our goodbyes I joked that I bet my bag would now be waiting for me at customer service. We exchanged emails and went on our way no more than 30 minutes after we met. And wouldn't you know it, I walked to customer service and the agent had my bag in her hands. So strange.

My second flight to Ecuador was delayed by six hours that night, half of which I spent on the plane with a nice guy that worked for a Swiss bank down there. We chatted the whole time about our lives and where we were going. He wanted to work for himself I had no idea how but really loved the idea of microlending to the poor. When they let us off of the plane he got me into the admirals club and we had a few drinks and had the greatest conversation. After living in isolation for almost a year it was great to have someone to not only talk to but practically pour my soul out to. We finally made it to Ecuador and said our goodbyes like old friends.

The next day I flew to Galapagos. My boat was gone but the local agent was hiring a fast boat to catch up to it for me. Well I arrived and it seemed the dive boat was unable to fuel up the day before so it was heading back to port and I would get to board it without the sea chase (though to be honest I was looking forward to that!). I got on and everyone was eating lunch. I knew one of the guys from the dive shop I met in Honduras but the rest were strangers. I think it was because I had had such great convos with the two guys in Miami that I felt far more outgoing than normal and just joined in with the group and made myself at home. It seems the confidence was attractive and I had friendly attention from all of them, a crush from two and I actually had a little holiday romance with one of them. He was soo cute and hilarious and kind and had also been on the same path as me in terms of LOA, positive energy and living life to be happy, not impressive to others. The cooincidences between us were many too. He's renovating buildings in England and trying to finish so he can move on from where he is (my NY story exactly). He's a vegetarian (me too). He likes to move as often as I do, his travel history and plans mirror my own and he's read all of the books that I've found on CCOR and before and had a ton of recommendations as well. I was so attracted/connected to him, which felt strange bc I had never let go of my ex, but also so good because I know there are options for me out there. He's coming to visit me in new york and I don't know if this will go anywhere but it kinda doesn't matter. I feel free and excited about the future, even though I have no idea where I'm heading still.

It's very strange how things are working out. What I thought I wanted (a relationship with my ex) seems so far in the past now and really it upset me more than made me happy so why did I hold onto it? Wanting a concrete future seems to be less important as well, because now I feel like whatever is coming will be great so why worry about the details. I'm still processing the trip and what I'm meant to take from it, but I wanted to write something about it before I forget. Every day had synchronistic events and I really wish I had written them down but I was having so much fun (stayed a week longer than planned) that I didn't take the time. I did take the time to be greatful though, for all of the cool things I saw (hammerheads, whale sharks, giant mantas, silky sharks, turtles, seals, sealions, tortoises), the amazing people I met, fun games at night, great stories from all over the world and stolen kisses under the stars:)

Love love love my life and I thank the universe for making it better and better with each passing day!!

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