The 100 Day Reality Challenge

(s2 allmost day 100) reiki?do you have experience?

Hi my dear co creators!!


im srill focussing on my 1000 euro and I understand why I need it more! I decide also to do a workshop reiki 1


I m sure I ll love it!!! it will cost me 150 euro I believe and I think I can really use it!

I can use it for me and my family, next year I ll do reiki 2 and after that I ll be a reiki master!! Im sure!!

I like to learn spiritual things!! I love it!! Im sure it is good for me!


I was so happy that I told my mom by mail and directly she sent me back that she wpont believe. and if it works there are not so many sick people and so on..pff thats making me depressive!!

No stop, I have to focus on my inner voice!! but sometimes its so hard to do it!!!


do you have some advice?


and experience with reiki! i dont, but it feels like its waiting for me!!


I love my life, my belly, my cat, my parents, my 1000 euro I attractive!

wow great!!


wish you a good day my lovely co creators!!



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Comment by Maria on February 8, 2011 at 7:02pm
Hi Ellie. So funny!!!! Lets do it!!! Quay was your experience by the info night?
Im really looking forward to do it. Im dure we Will learn à lot!!

Thx x
Comment by Ellie on February 8, 2011 at 6:19pm

hello Maria, I just saw your post by chance....

and I way........thats really, really strange!! if this isnt a sign, than what is it?? :-)

I just decided to start a Reiki level one, and went to a conference last night, to see a buddhist monk/ Reiki master who came from Japan to speak about inspiring and interesting!

So I will start it in March, it'll cost 100€ for the level 1, and then if I like it, which Im sure, I'll do level 2 and 3, cant wait! so lets keep in touch and see how it goes! Best of luck and hugs!

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