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Good Evening Co-Creators!

Well, I'm pleased to say that it has been a month of victory! From my fabulous vacation to the beach, to my new job :) There is so much, even to much, to describe here in this post. Alas, I will try.

The trip to Destin was amazing! There were a few low-lights, but nothing that could touch the highlights. My two best friends, my love, and a new best friend Renea, really made the trip! I have to say, Renea, whom I was already aquainted with, is one of the most inspirational person I could have imagined to befriend. She is an amputee from the hip down on one side, and a true lover of life. Three of us meditated every morning together, kicking off the new 21 day challenge together. And after that we "philosophied" together. (Not sure if that's a real word, but together we decided that if not, it should be). Watched shore birds and dolphins, built a sand castle, and over indulged with champagne. :)

After a full week away, I decided to get serious about my career goals. I opened up and started submitting applications. On Friday I got a call to request an interview with a prestigeous hotel. On Monday, I went in and interviewed for a part time position with the call center or switchboard there. I went through all three phases of the interview and was told that I was not the best fit for the position. Instead, they wanted me to interview for a full time position as Meeting Concierge! A raise before I was even hired! Yesterday I went to the final interview for that position and was offered the job!

I am extremely excited, and am waiting now to clear the background and reference check. It's in the bag though :) I am still planning on moving ahead with my goals though. I signed up for some volunteer work for the weekend after next, and have two final cleans this week.

They funny thing is, on Monday morning I watched a video about the downside of abundance by Christy Whitman. She said that the downside is that when you open yourself to abundance, you are forced to start making choices where you might not have before. I'm glad I watched it because it has actually prepared me for the choices I have to start making.

The program that I am dead set to get into starts in September, but I'm now feeling like this job is an opportunity that I would like to explore possibly longer than for just the next five months :) I have decided to take my mom's advise, and to cross that bridge when I come to it. At the moment, I think I will stay with the hotel for a while and possibly look into starting the program next year. There is no reason to believe that if I don't seize a particular opportunity right away, that I will miss it. In fact, to believe so would work directly against the Energy and effort that got me to this particular point.

Also, I'm extremely please by and grateful for this opportunity to choose! I will take on this job, and at the same time work toward balance, which is something that was previously unimportant for me and therefore hindered me rather that helped. I am proud and grateful for my abilities to tap into the Source of all that supports me! I will end for now, and upload some pictures from my trip soon.

Love and Light to you all! With best wishes and confidence in all of your successes,


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