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Maybe you read my day on the other blog...than you know what happend to me...(its amazing)


But today I heard also that my old cat, who lives by my parents, is sick. She has cancer and they don't longs she have. We don't know how old she is because we get here from a homeless cat house. We think round 20.


Femke, my cat is reaaaly special, she is really the most important cat in my life.

She was (is) like my shadow, allwys with me, in beth, ont the cauch, in the kitchen, we huge all day!! She never hit someone, she was like a she is...And she has to life for aaaa lllong time, She is really the most sweet cat I know (and everybody confess).


She kiss also allways the dogs, I'll put something of here on my a respecht for this special cat, who means a lot for hard times..


All cats are so spiritual...I love them and especially Femke

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Comment by Blossoming Beauty on December 21, 2010 at 7:13pm

oooh that bottom picture is SOOOOOOOOO precious!

THANK you for sharing it.

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