The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Changes are something I'm welcoming into my life each day with open arms. I read a fantastic article written by Barefoot Doctor yesterday. He said that we should all learn to embrace the mystery of life and enjoy of what's going to happen, instead of planning things each time. That's where I am :0)

I've cleared up finances yesterday (I had countless receipts in my handbag) only to make way for a fresh income into my wallet. No more stagnant energy around my handbags. I feel each part of my being slowly cleared from this blocked energy. I do feel a tension in my heart chakra, mainly because i'm scared that things are so good that it might explode in my face or things will be taken away from me? Naaa, I've got to let go of all this fear which threatens to engulf me.

Also with my face exploding into a red rash over the past month, its dented my self-confidence. I know the reasons behind it - its a clear indication that there is too much frustration and anger in my system. So my intentions today are as following:

1. keep visualising soft, clear, silky skin
2. clearing out any financial blocks
3. enjoy my writing process and focussing on the content of my blog

abundant blessings to all, xxxxx

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