The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Here are the practices I intend to follow for my S2/100 Days:

Daily workout
Reading/Videos ( The Power, Abraham Hicks, etc.)
Gratitude/Affirmations/Book of Positive Aspects

I am going to make a vision board calendar like I did for my first 100 days -- that was extremely effective!

In short, my goals are:

To sculpt my body into a healthy, lean physique
To receive more money
To create art and begin participating in art shows
To move into a new apartment
To continue learning to let go, give love, and appreciate

So grateful for this community, experience, and process.... Best wishes to everyone on their individual paths, and RADIANT BLESSINGS for you today!!!!!!

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Comment by Junepixy on September 5, 2010 at 11:06pm
Thanks so much!! Stick with it -- some days are harder than others. Having clear goals really helps. The vision board calendar is a grid that I made on poster board. I used 10 rows of 10 boxes, 1" each, and I put the calendar date AND day of my challenge in each box. Then around the grid I posted pictures of things that inspire me, things I want, and places I want to see mysefl -- for example, I have pics of a swanky Manhattan apartment, a clipping from NYTimes Art column (cuz I wanna see my work written up there someday :) ) and words/quotes that make me smile.

I think on the difficult days you have to look back at the distance you've come so far. Plus make sure to check off each day on the calendar with a big red X -- so you can see how close you are to the big sparkly Day 100! I'll try and post a pic when it's totally finished, but I will probably add more to it over the next few days. Good luck and God bless you too!
Comment by Fortunate Fortunate on September 5, 2010 at 11:50am
wow, I liked your very clear goals.. I will make some changes to mine.
I have made my personel vision board...which I keep changing in between... It is definitely more effective as I am a visual learner..Could you please explain me a little about your vision board calender...BTW I am on day 29, S1..My journey so far has been interesting, However, I sometimes feel little off the track too. Is this common? I will appreciate your suggestions.
Good luck with your goals. Thanks. God bless you.

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