The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I'm checking in here on CCOR, but also I've been checking in with myself throughout the day as a means of being aware of what I'm focussing on and redirecting that focus if I'm wasting time with negative thought patterns or just passing time online but not actually being productive. What I have noticed is that when I stop thinking negatively about something, or more often my relationships, and instead visualize what I would rather have I feel better about what actually is. Also, I often catch myself surfing facebook or starting to play sudoku (yes, sudoku) and I realize how much time I waste each day. Instead, when I have a free minute, I've been researching or writing and it feels wonderful to be productive. I'm not blogging as much here bc it feels like there's no one out there, but I am grateful for the challenge because it has kickstarted my newfound awareness and momentum. Thanks for that and if there's anybody out there, I wish you well on your co-creating journey ;p

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Comment by CalmWind2 on April 28, 2018 at 9:46am

Yeah, the support system that used to be here isn't anymore.  But in a way, for me, when I'm still processing my recent manifestation it's kinda good I figure it out for myself, but usually when I get real stuck someone will say something.  Yeah, it's not what it was, but I still find benefit here. I was on a site that was more active, but I found some of the behaviors of some of the people there hard for me to take, so I'm sticking with this site.  Even when there is tiffs, most of the time it's worked out.  This one is just higher in vibe, tho more silent.....kudos on letting go of extraneous activity that doesn't serve you! 

Comment by Shayla nickerson on April 20, 2018 at 9:26am

Love your blog,, and yes i feel the same way ccor can be a bit unmotivating sometimes because it seems no one is here to cheer you on..which makes a big difference. 

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