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S3 - D17 Need advice for a new 4 day marathon!

I've decided to begin a 4 day LOA marathon tomorrow and in thinking about all of my goals I realize the one thing that has been holding me back from them thus far is my lack of self confidence. I have in the past been fearless, strong, charismatic and irresistible. My luck has usually been amazing beyond explanation, but after the past two years of subtle rejection, my self esteem has taken a noticeable hit. 

I've decided my goal for this marathon is to have unshakable confidence, coupled with humility. Boldness rooted in kindness. I want to be the fun loving, outgoing girl that landed in this stinky town two years ago. Immune to the chaos that is currently affecting my life. 

That being said, I'm not sure what to intend for my practices? How do I achieve this without just wishing? 


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Comment by Monimons on September 20, 2012 at 8:01pm

Thanks Brileigh! I'm definitely going to do affirmations and will look into the books you mentioned. I think you are right about changing my living situation as well. I still live down the hall from the guy that made me question my worth...and in five days his new girlfriend is moving in too. I didn't want to run but maybe this is just a ridiculous situation to have to witness. 

Anna it would be great if you did the marathon as well! Mine starts now.

I have unshakable confidence, coupled with humility. I am bold and kind, fun loving and irresistible! 

And I have wonderful friends here that support me in this rebuilding phase.

Wishing you strength and light and love, thanks guys!

Comment by Love Life on September 20, 2012 at 12:44pm

Part 2:

You can achieve your goals through affirmations: 

I have unshakable confidence, coupled with humility. I am Bold rooted in kindness. I want to be the fun loving, outgoing girl this amazing town!


Read Louise Hay's books or watch her videos on how affirmations can help!


**Also if you don't like the town you are living in, and you don't feel anything good can happen there why don't you move to a place that you think might help the best you come out?**  


Yes it is our internal inner being/our mind that can truly make us happy........but sometimes the environment can trigger too much emotional baggage for our minds to handle.......and it is a bonus help to be in a change of scenery. This is just a suggestion......running away all the time never solves our true problems, but if the people, places, lack of opportunity, memories are really dragging you down than it might be something worth considering.


Sometimes releasing to the Universe your wishes may THE SECRET: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION you the 3 steps: Ask, Believe, Receive!!


Hope this helps, I will be working on my list of goals for the next 4 days now!


Thanks for the encouragement!


Much love to you!


Comment by Love Life on September 20, 2012 at 12:36pm

Hi Monica, thanks so much for posting this.....I think I need a 4 Day Marathon too!!

I've been through many ups & downs....and recently in August went for a "major" high where everything seemed to go my way (got my dream job, social life was amazing, possibly a love interest growing)....and then everything crashed when I got sick.  I lost that dream job, and although I might not have lost the guy I now am interested in I may have lost my best friend/soul in some ways I felt that I lost my entire being/my world.  But in fact when I look back it was the Universe trying to strengthen make me more courageous to go for even bigger dreams! To release bad and good karma.

This time of uncertainty that you felt maybe a wakeup call to show you that were all human, and that we fall...and we can get up again.....that there are people around the world that goes through moments of pure bliss, and moments of pure's all part of human life and human revolution to recognize that nothing is stable......which is why we always have to challenge inner strength to come forward to help us carry on.

After that crazy period in August where I finally tried to comprehend things I bought a book called

"The Bounce Back Book: how to thrive in the face of adversity, setbacks, and losses by Karen Salmansohn

(author of How To Be Happy, Dammit)

She helped a lot, but one thing that struck me from her book is to "stop from dwelling in the past."

***********Move FORWARD***********

See what you want your life to be for the future, and know that no matter what happens things will turn out the way it was meant to be.....we might not know why now, but some day!! 

Comment by Anna on September 20, 2012 at 11:46am
I should do it too! Let´s be strong together and start the marathon!!! OK?


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