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S3 - D4 Starting to feel the groove

So, a few days in and I've begun to notice the little things in my day that seem to be pointing me in the right direction. Sometimes I'm hesitant to speak about my projects at home because there is a bit of a feeling that I have to prove myself here. In New York, where I'm from, I can mention a story I'm writing or an idea I have and people want to read my work and encourage me. Here, if I mention the same things, people seem to think I'm silly because I'm a teacher, not a writer. So not speaking about it leads to not thinking as much about it. I have no sounding board, no audience and it discourages me a bit. 

Well anyway, last night after writing my CCOR blog I found a masterclass ad with an author whom I admire and in the midst of his spiel the ending of my book came to me and it's a plot twist I would have never imagined. I was so excited I ran to write it down and my partner was there and he asked what was up and I told him and he was equally as excited as I was. He's never once said I couldn't or shouldn't write, but he is of the school of thought that there are professional writers and the business of writing should be left to them. He doesn't read for fun, isn't whimsical and thinks I'm a good teacher but doesn't comment on or inquire about my stories. This was a big change from him and it feels wonderful. 

Ideas are coming, my protagonist is becoming more and more familiar and I'm finding myself at my desk working consistently. I'm still not flowing, in work or life, but I do feel like I'm on my way.

Thank you CCOR for nudging me in the right direction. I'm grateful for the reminders and the daily warm-up that this space is providing. Till tomorrow :)

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Comment by CalmWind2 on April 13, 2018 at 7:22pm

Who better to write than a teacher?  I don't get their logic?  Anyway, good on you, go for it!!

Comment by Shayla nickerson on April 3, 2018 at 11:40am

Good for you! It feels good to know your on your way to something better than before. 

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