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Hello my lovlies! Had a wonderful day, thanks to Abraham and Esther and their little bag of tricks. Woke up feeling blah, which has been the norm for me as of late, but determined to cut out the nonsense and get back to basics. I planted myself in front of my laptop and watched Abraham Hicks videos on youtube ( a miracle in and of itself bc where I live in Borneo wifi is spotty at best, but everything loaded all day!). I found though, that the ones that featured people boo hooing about their lives made me feel crappy, so I stuck to clicking on videos w/positive titles. Rampage of Appreciation, Rampage of Love, This will make you Laugh, Get Happy!. At first it still felt as if I was faking it but somewhere during Rampage of Love I actually began to feel wonderful. I realize it really is as simple as deciding to feel good, not easy when you don't, but the concept is simple. I closed the session w/Susan Boyle's Britain's got talet audition, bc even years later it always makes me smile:)

For the rest of the day I've been focusing on how everything makes me feel. Thought of going to work w/my friends tomorrow, awesome! Thought of seeing my ex as he comes back from holiday tomorrow, yikes...playing with our sweet little puppy, back to yay! I'm ignoring the yikes and only considering the yay's. Takes constant effort and focus but thus far it has been working. Will have to take this one step at a time but I do feel like I'm back on the right track.

Super sleepy but I'm going to watch another video before bed and hope that the lesson somehow carries over to tomorrow;)

Wishing you all sweet dreams or good mornings and sending you all big big love!

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Comment by N on September 8, 2012 at 10:19pm

Well done!  WHat a great reminder that we chose how we react.... and there are always tools available, when we decide to use them!  I LOVE Rampage of Appreciation, always feel so great after that! :)  Sending you loving energy :)


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