The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So my last post was six days ago. I was intentionally missing the weekend because I had plans with family and knew I wouldn't be online. But the weekend slid into mid-week and I feel like I'm manifesting exactly what I had intended to overcome. Hmm. Actually in typing that I see that my approach is wrong. Instead of wanting to get rid of bad habits, I should be focussing on mastering new positive ways. Hmm. Not feeling it if I'm honest.

Ok change of focus. I have a friend who isn't in anyway religious but is in this moment 50/50 between another heartbreak or the chance of exhilarating bliss. I myself don't pray, but I do say thank you to whomever it is that makes this life oftentimes magical. This time I'd like to say please. Please let my friend find herself teetering clear over to overwhelming, unbelievable joy. I think she feels a little pessimistic at the moment but please wack her over the head with proof that dreams do come true and good things happen to lovely people, even when they can no longer expect it for themselves. I'm excited at just the thought of being able to celebrate with her (and maybe say I told you so:) Thank you!!

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