The 100 Day Reality Challenge

S3 Day 2- Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am!

I really am lucky. I am so blessed. I started off the New year in an amazing way. I was near the one I love the most for that first 24 hours and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Today was a day of catching up on all the sleep I lost from New Years Eve, did a little bit of shopping- I bought a new office chair which I had procrastinated on buying for the LONGEST TIME) and it was the last one in the color!

I still haven't completely solidified my goals yet but considering my last two seasons were VERY amazing in what I was able to attract into my life I'm expecting nothing less then amazing.

I'll post more when things get a bit more solid. But so far my season has started with nothing less than friendship, joy and love! (What more could I ask for!?)

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