The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It's day 46 and I wanted to reflect on my goals: 

1. Attracting my soul mate. 

To be honest, other than the fact that I know that the universe brings to us what we think about, I am completely stumped as to how this one is being brought about. I feel like I've received intuitive leads about someone, but I'm often left confused when my action towards my intuition is seemingly unsuccessful. 

2. Attracting my beautiful home. 

I currently live in a wonderful apartment that I manifested about 3 years ago when we first moved down here for school. I am very appreciative of all that this apartment has provided for me (it was literally all that I had asked for - rent, bedrooms, bathrooms, washer/dryer). I'm ready to move on though and get into a place of my own with my children. From my experience with my car (I was GIVEN a car for free after 2 months of waiting), I know that a house can be given for free, but I'm also open to purchasing or renting a place that is perfect for us. 

3. Starting my own business and attracting experts with the same vision. 

So my vision for this was to build a playground/children's museum in the town I live since there aren't many places for parents to bring their children when the weather is unfavorable (which is about 9 months out of the year). I've made very little progress towards this goal other than educating myself. I guess my beliefs about this are that it's probably more practical for me to get a job than to start this business mostly because I don't believe that I have the skills, and I don't really know what the next step is. 

I guess I could consider writing my own blog and a book might be considered starting a business. My intention for this was to create value for others so that I would receive financial freedom to pursue my passions. 

As far as my practices go, I feel like I just move on from one to the next, never really staying focused on one singular practice. I liked the John Kehoe and Neville Goddard's teachings about visualization and believing before recieving, but I get severely discouraged when I don't perceive what I want to happen. I've probably made it a week before I give up, go through a low, and then try to keep encouraging myself that it will happen in one way or another. The universe has my back. I guess maybe I don't trust the universe, despite the countless amount of times that I've been and am continually provided for. 

I've applied at many places, but haven't received any interest. I'm still currently working though, which I'm very grateful for. It gives me something to do and although I don't know that I'm much help, I'm learning a lot. 

If you have any manifesting tips in any of these areas, feel free to share. I'd love to read the wisdom and experiences you have to offer. As always, I want love and blessings for each and every one of you. 

P.S. - I don't claim to be a Christian, but this song really resonates with me. I feel like we're all called out upon the water, the great unknown to be brave and have strength to accomplish what we've been put on this earth to accomplish, and to have faith in the universe to bring it about.

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Comment by Susan on October 30, 2014 at 8:24pm

Good for you for keeping at it.  Your ambition to make a place for parents and young kids is great!  We have something like what you are talking about in Philadelphia called the Please Touch Museum.  It started small and now is huge!  I remember bringing my niece right there and she loved the kid version grocery store with fake groceries, carts and a cash register.   Maybe checking out this place will give you some ideas and maybe they can have some suggestions.  Google them!  

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