The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It's been raining a lot today.  So much that I wasn't able to go on my run or a walk.  that's ok though, if there isn't anything i can do, then i don't want to beat myself up about it. 

i've stuck to my eating plan and tried to drink a lot of water.  I also felt slimmer today.  that's a great feeling because i felt toned, esp around my tummy.  i love that feeling :)

I have been trying to remember to smile.  i'm doing well on this.  of course, there are many many times in the day i am not smiling but that's due to awareness.  

I haven't been watching my posture as much.  so far in this season, this has been the hardest to start doing.  it'll happen.  i know it will.


So today has been a mostly good day.  

Tomorrow is going to be a great day.  i'm going to stick to my eating plan and drink lots of water.  I am giong to smile a lot and hold my posture well.   i want to exercise, do my run that i did last night but it depends on the weather and what's planned, as we're at my in laws place on a holiday.  tomorrow is our last night here and we were planning on taking my in laws to dinner, so my ability to run at 5pm goes down.  so we'll see how i go.


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful he took the initiative to look up play centres for our little one.  it's been raining here so we've been inside for a few days, and although our little one is loving being at grandparents home, she doesn't understand why we can't go to the park.  so we went today and our little one had a ball.

- i'm grateful he was so attentive with our little one.  essentially, he played with her the whole time.  we were there for almost 2 hrs so there was a lot of walking and pushing and 'yay' going on.  i'm very lucky.

- i'm grateful he seems to respond to my requests for help.  a friend put me onto it and it's worked a treat.  he usually helps out a lot so i really don't complain.  but now i have a way of asking for help that seems to work for us.  

- i'm grateful he's very responsive to my affection.  no matter what he's doing or what mood he's in, he is always open for affection, or a kiss or a cuddle.  i'm very lucky!  affection is always ok.  

- i'm grateful he's so handsome.  he's the whole package.  i'm a very lucky girl!

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