The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today has been a wash out.  It's rained the entire day today.  so, it has meant that we've been indoors all day long.  it's been ok.  

On an unrelated note.  I realised that i somehow managed to manifest watching more about the royal shows.  i'm at my in laws and they don't like this.  somehow we've managed to be watching so many royal related shows.  they've been great :)  i've really enjoyed it and have felt inspired ,,, somehow.

i also read something yesterday which might really help me.  i want to go on a trip in june but i have panic attacks on planes (rather i have so in the past).  i haven't been in a plane in about 3 yrs.  I want to be over this.  i want to be able to fly again, i want to be able to go on trips to friends while my hubby is away on a work trip.  well, what i read said that you say something like 'it's just anxiety, it won't hurt me' or something along those lines.  i'm definitely going to give it a go.  i really hope it works because i want to go on this trip.  if anyone has any tips, please let me know.  I'll be with my little one so i can't take anything.  i've done CBT and so will be trying that too but i don't know.  i guess i don't have the confidence it'll work, so it'll probalby strugggle to work (as it's all based on what's happening in your mind).


today was an ok type of day with regards to my intentions.  i have stuck to my eating plan.  i haven't been able to do my run, as i couldn't go out to run.  it's ok.  we go back home tomorrow.  i've managed to smile a lot today which has been great.  i haven't been watching my posture as much.  

so it's been ok.

tomorrow i'm going to do the best i can.  we're travelling back home so it'll mean that a lot of things are out of my control.  i won't be exercising, i won't be drinking as much water as i need (as i need to make sure i'm not busting to go to the toilet all the time).  i will stick to my eating plan as best as i can (my hubby just told me that we'll stop over for lunch so not to make our own lunch).  i'm going to remember to smile as often as i can.  i probably won't get to watch my posture as much as i'll be sitting for at least 5 hrs tomorrow.  

that's ok though.  i'll be back to normal on saturday so it'll be fine. 

tomorrow is my weigh in day but i'll have to do it on saturday instead.  i don't want to use another scale.  1 day won't make a difference in my weight so it'll be ok.  


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm so grateful he got this laptop for me.  it's been so liberating.  we usually take turn with our other laptop.  so this way, i've got my own.  i've been writing my stories again.  it's been good.  

- i'm grateful he's played with our little one a lot today.  he helps me when i ask for it and he's just really involved with her.  that's been great this whole trip down here. 

- i'm grateful he bathed our little one today.  it just freed me up for a little one.  i always want to remember that he's doing these things for me because i know, to him, this is him expressing his love for me. .... he also loves being our little one.  it's wonderful.

- i'm grateful he's so laid back.  it's inspiring.  i've realised i've been more laid back since being with him.  i was pretty laid back before him but i'm even more so now.  i'm grateful i'm there.

- i'm grateful he's given me so much information and tips regarding running.  i'm grateful and it's been working.  i'm now a runner.  i'm so happy.  i can't wait to get back home so i can run again.  i really enjoy it.

- i'm grateful he lives his life honestly.  he doesn't expect others to live by his rules but he lives them himself.  he's such. an amazing example.  i'm living more like that every day. i want to live more like that.

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