The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today has been an almost good day.  I've managed to work on my smile and posture for most of the day.  we were travelling almost the entire day, so i've spent the day sitting.  

I didn't do my exercise, i didn't stick to my eating plan (not very proud of it) and had a large pasta dinner.  I feel really heavy in the tummy.  

I'm now dreading tomorrow morning because it's weigh in day.  Well, it was meant to be today but i didn't want to use another set of scales.  lets see what happens.  i can only hope for the best.  


i've been watching the royal wedding.  i'm so glad i have been.  i feel so inspired.  i'm so glad i've had this opportunity because i know my hubby's not into this at all.  he's very sweet.  


so today has been a somewhat ok sort of day.  i'm really grateful that i've worked on my smile and posture, very happy about that.  

tomorrow is going to be a really good day.  we're back to our normal routines so it's giong to be good.  i want to do my run tomorrow night, that's going to feel very good.  i'm going to continue working on my smile and posture.  


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful he took charge of the drive home.  it took us about 6 hrs.  there was traffic at times but mostly calm.  our little one struggled for a while so that couldn't have been easy.  

- i'm grateful he walked and played with our little one during our lunch stop.  it left me alone to drink my coffee alone, in peace.  i loved it :) 

- i'm grateful he unloaded the car.  it's a big job when you consider unpacking all the kiddy bags and toys.  he's also changed the baby seat over to my car.  

- i'm grateful he played with our little one after we unpacked.  i've been tired so i wasn't in the mood.  

- i'm grateful he was so happy with the dinner i cooked.  it wasn't my best but he was happy.  

- i'm just grateful i have him.  he's really been my prince charming.  i'm very lucky!!  


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Comment by Sunny Days on April 29, 2011 at 5:01pm
I'm currently on a diet and it is a really intense but effective one. I've been suggesting it to everyone

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