The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well today was weigh in day and the outcome was not good, but i was expecting that.  it didn't both me too much, i was expecting it.  


Other than that, today was a relatively good day.  I did my exercise - yay!  It felt really good.  it was harder than the street run i did but at least i can do it without too much pain.  I increased the intensity a little bit at the end.  i've decided that i'll increase intensity once a month rather than once every 2 weeks.  Last couple of intensity increases which happened about 2 mths ago was too much and as a result i felt burnt out and i had to really pull back a few folds.  so i'm giong to increase slowly.  I don't know if it's running in the evening, i can't increase intensity at my old rate.  i'm not here to win a race so i'm not fussed.  i'd rather a smoother more comfortable increase.  

i smiled a lot today, which i was happy about and i've been watching my posture when i can remember.

i didn't stick to my eating plan though.  it's only been a little increase so it should be ok.  

so that was today.  i'm feeling really inspired at the moment.  so i'm going with it.  

tomorrow is going to be a great day.  it's day off for the exercise so i'll just enjoy a relaxing day (although the days are never relaxing).  i'll stick to my eating plan, work on my smiles and my posture.  so it's going to be wonderful.


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful he's patient with me.  I had a bad morning.  too many things happened and i got emotional.  I had a little cry.  he was upstairs and came down to help.  he asked what happened and i just didn't have words to explain my feelings so i said i don't know how to explain it n i'm too upset to talk about it.  so he took over taking care of the little one.  i did some housework (dishes, cleaning etc).  i continued my little cry and until it passed andi  felt better.  i then had a fabulous wonderful day.  i know he must've thought it was something he did but i tried reassuring him and i think he was happy with that.  i'm just grateful i had my little cry cos i had such a good day today.

- i'm grateful he's so supportive of me.  i wanted to do my run and when i mentioned it to him, he told me he had planned to do a run today as well.  but because i wanted to run, he said he'd run tomorrow.  he's such a gentleman!  

- i'm grateful he's such an inspiration.  he runs.  he looks after himself.  he watches what he eats (practices moderation very well).  He lives his life by his rules.  He is easy going and very fair.  He's always happy.  He never really gets angry - he gets frustrated and withdraws but that's only when his gotta go away.  i know when that happens so again, it's not too bad because i'm expecting it.  

- i'm grateful that somehow he's managed to be a perfect match for me. 

- i'm grateful he gives me room to continue growing and changing as a person.  He allows me to be me.  I guess it's not a matter of allowing but having the type of personality that would be ok with someone like me, who's always on a journey of self growth.  I know he's growing as person too but i don't think it's his focus like it is mine.  that's ok though.  i have the room in our relationship and in our lives to go on my journeys.  it seems to make us closer and stronger.  

- i'm grateful he's so supportive of my body transformation.   i know some people are not, or rather, don't adapt to my changing physique easily.  he's loved me slim, pregnant, overweight and slim again.  i am working on toning my body and he just loves me.  

- i'm grateful he's mine.  i love him.  i know my love for him will keep growing.  

- i'm grateful he's so charming.  He really is my prince.  He loves it when we're affectionate and he loves that i think he's fabulous and so handsome.  I can tell and i love that it makes him so happy.  My love can actually affect a persons mood like that and make him feel great.  isn't that wonderful?  

best be off now.  

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