The 100 Day Reality Challenge

today has been an ok sort of day.  i've been very tired so i had a broken hr nap. i felt more tired when i woke up but i know that's just my body reacting to the sleep debt.  at least it's not as bad as it was.  

with regards to my intentions...

- exercise  = it was an exercise free day

- eating plan = i mostly stuck to it but i had a couple of nibbles of my little one's snacks.  so not the best (before, i didnt' do that so i know it doesn't have to be that way)

- water consumption = i was mostly good.  there were little periods of time i couldn't drink and so felt dehydrated.  

so today was ok, definitely room for improvement and i need to watch my hydration levels.  

I feel good.  i feel like my face has sculpted and i'm noticing my legs sculpt.  it's good.  i've noticed that my belly is flat and is sculpting so it's starting to get those lines to create a six pack but it's loose, at the same time.  it's looser than it's ever been but i guess that happens after a baby. i mean, if someone saw me in a bikini, i don't think they'll think it's anything out of the ordinary but it's just how i feel compared to pre-baby.  i'm hoping it all comes back and tones up as i continue my workouts and eating plans.   well, that's the plan and the intention.

tomorrrow is going to be a great day.  it's a workout day so i'll be focused and excited, as it means one more step closer and more sculpting :).  my aim is to keep up with my hydration.  


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful he's so playful with our little.  she loves their little games, and i love seeing her happy.

- i'm grateful he came in for a cuddle when i decided to try for a nap when our little one had her midday nap.  it was sweet and he left soon after saying he wanted me to have a sleep.  

- i'm grateful he's spent all this time with us.  he had fri off as well.  it was sweet.  he's going away for for on wed (only 4 days, one day back, 3 days away again).  not too bad though.  

- i'm grateful he wants to do a special desert for me.  i went and got the ingredients but couldn't find the correct pan so it'll have to wait for another day.  still, so lovely for him to want to do that.  

- i'm grateful he's so attracive in my eyes.  he's handsome.  we've been together for 6yrs so it's great that i can still say that.  

- i'm grateful he's making dinner.  he's lovely.  i am so spoilt :) 

- i'm grateful he's affectionate.  i love the cuddles and all the kisses or little touches.  he's always open to me being affectionate as well.  i love that our relationship is like that

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