The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I realised today that I need to drink water (quantity) the level i use to when I first started drinking it.  I've been unintentionally cutting the quantity.  

My body is sculpting.  I love the look of it :)  

summary of my intentions

- eating plan = not great.  I had a friend over and ended up eating my little ones' sweets because she kept reaching for them but not finishing them.  My motto is to throw out her leftover food!  

- water consumption = pretty good.  I've been keeping up my consumption and started watching quantity after 5pm and feel good

- exercise = exercise free day.

so, it hasn't been a good day. the bad bits were earlier on in the day, but i feel reconnected now so it feels ok.  I'll be using mini intentions tonight and throughout the day to help keep me in check.  


side note - am watching 7pm project while doing my blog and they had Jennifer Hudson on and she totally inspired me.  She talked about losing her weight.  she's lost 35kgs since having her baby and she started on day 4 after giving birth.  she looks great.  Her son will be 2 in august.  well her story is kinda similar to mine.  hailey is only a few months younger than her story.  I've been transforming my body since having her (startine 10wks after she was born) and i've transformed quite a bit.  That's very inspirational.... i can keep going.  i am continuing.  


so tomorrow is going to be a great day.  it's an exercise day so i'll be focused.  i'm continuing having my water consumption.  


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful to have this time with him.  He's going away on wed, for work.  I have tonight and tomorrow evening to enjoy with him.  That's wonderful!

- i'm grateful he loves our little one so much.  he laughs at her and plays with her.  he's wonderful.

- i'm grateful he really really tries to make this a partnership.  having a little one naturally falls on the mother and being a stay at home mum means it's all on me.  i'm grateful he really tries to even it out when he's around.  i know it's hard and i know it'd be easier to just let me keep going when he gets home.  he's really nice about it.  

- i'm grateful he just thinks i'm wonderful.  i couldn't begin to explain how good it feels to feel that my partner thinks i'm wonderful.  i love that.

- i'm grateful he shows his love the way he does.  it's natural for him.  he shows it by what he does... always about us and for us.  i'm grateful!! 

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Comment by Lori on May 26, 2011 at 12:23pm
My favorite part of your post is your hubby gratitude time!  It really uplifts me because I have a great husband too, so this makes me very grateful to my husband!!!

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