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today has been a good sort of day.  

My hubby is back and it's great to have him here.  it's been a few hours now and everything feels back to normal again. I love having him back.  The only down side is that i didn't get or make him a 'welcome back' card.  I've managed to do it for all his big trips but this is the first i've forgotten.  i was just so carried away with looking after our little one that i didn't get my act together.  my hubby wouldn't notice because these 2 in a row aren't really considered big trips so it wouldn't cross his mind at all.  i still feel sad for it though, i would've liked to have had a card ready.  

other than that, my day has been good.  i did my exercise and i increased the intensity a little.  it felt good.  it was a little hard but i could get through it.  so now i'm on this new intensity.

food has been half-half.  I've been mostly sticking to my eating plan.  i ended up having dessert today with my hubby but i had lots of extra little bits that i didn't need to do.  that being said, i also used the 'minimise the damage' motto and it's really helped me.  water consumption has been great. 

my mood has been better today too.  i feel like i'm more like myself,  it feels good to be back.  

tomorrow is an exercise free day.  i'll be focusing on my water consumption and 'minimise the damage'.  Since i've done my exercise today, i'll also be watching the way my body is sculpting.  


ok, hubby gratitude time,

- i'm grateful he's back.  it's only for a few weeks but it's lovely to have him back.

- i'm grateful he's got such lovely warm blue eyes.  for some reason, that was was what i really noticed this time around.  it's such a random thing isn't it?

- i'm grateful the way he is with or little one.  she was soo excited to have him back.  she kept calling for him and demanded he play with her.  it was cute and sweet and lovely... just totally lovely!  she didn't want to go to bed because she was just so happy to have him back, and he was just so happy to see her too.  

- i'm grateful he loved my dessert.  i made it for him and he really liked it.  i love that he loves my cooking.  

- i'm grateful he's been very affectionate.  it's lovely that we can slide back into our normal comfort levels.  i've found 2 mths is the stage when i start feeling 'weird'  when he got back from a work trip.  that was only once so it's not common.  

ok, time for us to spend time together... 

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Comment by Jill on June 1, 2011 at 12:46pm

How cute...welcome back card. I have an idea.

Put on a nice dress and all the fixings...then attach a post-it to yourself that reads "WELCOME BACK HONEY".

Let yourself be the welcome back card. Hugs Jilly

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