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S4 D54 - starting to feel like myself again

 today has been an interesting sort of day.  I feel like myself again, that's so good.  I felt calmer and less emotional.  i've been very happy about that.  i've been observing my bodies' sculpting.  i've noticed my neck has trimmed down.  my arms, legs, neck have a leaner and toned/lengthy look about them.  I like it.   My neck and chest are the parts that look most like the sculpting look i am aiming for.  

i'm grateful i'm observing these changes.  it's the point of these intentions. 

I've been finding things throughout the day to inspire me and keep me on track, but i seem to get caught up in the day to day rush quickly again.  i'd like to find a way to stay inspired.  

with regards to my intentions i've been doing ok.  it was an exercise free day.  i've been drinking plenty of water.  i've been feeling focused enough to stop myself breaking my eating plan too much.  i've been using the 'use your strategies' to help me keep focused.  although i did have food i didn't intend to eat and food that doesn't help me, I minimised the amount and frequency so that was good.  

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  i don't know how i'll go. i do feel trimmer but i've been gaining on weight in the past few weeks so i am worried i would've gained on weight.  lets see what happens.  i hope i've lost weight.  

i don't know how tomorrow is going to be.  it's weigh in day.  it's also exercise day but i've got our little one with me all day.  we also have an evening function to go to and i just don't know if i'll get everything done.  i don't know if i'll get my exercise in.  if i don't, then i'll exercise the next day.  i'll make sure i do.  i'm getting better at sticking to my eating plan and i want to improve more tomorrow.  i'll keep up with my water consumption which has been great.  


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful he tok over and played with her in the morning so i could continue getting us ready uninterrupted.  it's hard with a little one, to get everything done to leave the house.  it was really wonderful of him to step in like that.  it made everything easier for me

- i'm grateful he plays along with our little one.  she had left her teddy, that she sleeps with, downstairs when we were heading out.  she was very upset.  hubby was staying home and he told her that he'd look after rosie (the teddy) and put her to sleep afterwards.  it made our little one feel better and we left.

- i'm grateful he keeps me updated with his day.  he was meant to be working late tonight but he called me to let me know he'd be back normal time.

- i'm grateful he's so understanding with me.  i had planned to go to my sis' place in the evening as my little one absolutely loves her (easy way of distracting our little one as daddy wouldn't be home in the evening).  it turned out that he didn't work but was happy for me to still go to my sis' place as it made it easier for me.  see, my sis loves our little one so much and she's always telling me how much she misses seeing the little one.  i really wanted to go.  it was very sweet that my hubby didn't make it harder for me.  

- i'm grateful he made dinner.  he watches my portions and my rules (ie, i don't like having carbs at that hour.  the food is delicious and so it helps me to have my cake and eat it too.  everything is back to normal.  this is my normal.  it helps me stick to my eating plan in the evenings as well.  i find evenings the hardest which is even harder when he's not there.  i'm so grateful he's back.

- i'm grateful he's so affectionate.  i've missed it.  so i really loved it today.  it's the little bits here and there that make it great for me.

- i'm grateful he's understanding that i don't necessarily like the same thing as him.  he's watching star treck, which i don't like, so he understands taht i'll be on the computer and not watch it with him.  i know he loves watching our evening shows together, esp after 9.30pm.  he's sweet.  

- i'm grateful he's back.  it's so good to have him back and have everything back to normal.  i love our lives together, our love.  i really do have the perfect marriage... i am so grateful.  i am living my ideal life.  it's better than i could've ever planned, i am so grateful. 

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