The 100 Day Reality Challenge

today has been a pretty good day.  i am finally over the sugar craving stage so i only need to watch water consumption and i'm all fine.  it was the positive self dialogue that really helped me this time around so that's a learning curve.

it was an exercise free day.  my eating plan has been good although i did have some extra food around 3pm.  i hadn't had water and didn't realise i was doing that.  my self talk has been good but i'm going through such a good stage that it almost feels like i don't need to watch my internal dialogue.  i now know better though.  

i've also noticed my face and wrist toning up.  they're the first parts that tone up in my body so it's exciting.  i'm watching the transition happening :) 

tomorrow is going to be a great day too.  it's an exercise day so i'll be focused.  i'll be running in the evening so i'll be keeping myself going and not allow myself to relax.  i'll be sticking to my eating plan, water consumption and internal conversations.  it's going to be a great day :) 


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful he told me his honest opinions last night, it would've been really hard.  one of his friends (older female) basically told me that she felt i was being too attentive to my kid.  she said i've gotta do things like put hailey in front of the TV for a while or just ignore her when she calls me, not to play so much with her or think about ways of stimulating her (it was a long berating conversation).  on the drive home, i asked how he felt about what she said and he said he agreed.  it really surprised and shocked me.  it made me instantly feel unappreciated (as i am her primary carer) and also made me question him.  then i realised that he really does agree with her and has, in his own way, been doing what she was saying.  i still don't agree with what they're saying because i'm also seeing what is happening to one friends' daughter, who does that.  sure, the girl is always quite and never plays up but she doesn't cope either.  even coming to playgroup, she just sits there near her mother who is socialising with other mothers.  she doesn't play, she doesn't socialise with kids, she doesn't make a sound for the 3 hrs that we're there.  she doesn't really move around either.  i don't want that for my little one.  that being said, it would've been really hard to speak up, to tell me he doesn't agree with my style.  i am grateful he did speak because i want us to always feel like we can speak up.

i guess i'm writing the story because i would like other ppl's opinions.  it's sooo contradicts everything i've learnt during the past 1.5yrs.  i thought i was doing really well and our little one is doing really well, she adapts, she's showing intelligence, everything.  i'm baffled.  

- i'm grateful he looked after her for a while this morning.  i did dishes but i got to observe his style. yes, it's contradictory to mine, i didn't agree with it and i found she got bored after 1hr and came to me.  still, he played with her, he persisted.  it must've been hard for him, he'd know i was observing and watching.  

- i'm grateful he came when i had lunch.  see, he wasn't feeling hungry, i waited another hour and he finally told me to have lunch because he really wasn't feeling hungry.  when i had my lunch he came down to sit with me.  that was sweet.  

- i'm grateful he helped me blow dry our little one's hair.  she has curly hair and hates the blowdryer.  it's winter here so i don't want to send her to bed with wet hair.  she runs around trying to get away when i try to dry her hair.  he was there to help and catch her.  it was great, i really appreciated it.  

- i'm grateful he came to spend some play time her our little one's room.  it's new.  i wanted to do it as part of her bedtime routine (last 1/2 hr in her room).  she seems to want to play there.  i told him and he came into the room when we went there.  it was good, very supportive.

- i'm grateful he cleaned up her room when we went to brush her teeth.  i came back and everything was put away and tidy again.  that's really great.  

- i'm grateful he made dinner.  he didnt' have lunch so was feeling hungry by dinner time but he did ask if i was planning on running (which would've delayed dinner by another hr at least).  i wasn't but i'm grateful there wasn't any pressure.   

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