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S4 D65 - very proud of myself today!

i stuck to my eating plan today and i'm so proud of myself.  i didn't yesterday and i made some realisations last night.

1 - it's about right now.  you can change right now so work on right now.  don't think about the future or the past.  it's just right now.

2 - as soon as i pull myself out of pigging out, then i can get right back into it.  all i have to do is just stop.  stop.  drink water.  realise that i'm now over the pigout and start from right now.  

3 - remember that i can always talk to myself when i'm in the midst of temptation.  just talk to myself.  remind myself about the person i want to be, the person i am.  remind myself that i don't want to be this person that can't control themselves, that they are a victim of food.  just remind myself that i have done this before, where i was temptation free for a whole season, how it was so easy, how it was so freeing, how i felt like i had really really changed and had become one of those ppl i wanted to be, how the weight just melted off that season, how easy it was, how i just took it one moment at a time and talked to myself

4 - remember that everyone goes through this.  everyone feels tempted.  every celebrity that has lost a lot of weight has felt exactly like this.  they all did one thing, they stuck to it.  so stick to it.  


that was what i realised.  so as soon as i realised that, it was very easy to get my mind back into it.  i'm right back into it.  so i kept repeating those words at every temptation.

now, we had some friends over for afternoon tea and i had made a chocolate balls with mixed dried fruit, nuts, choc biscuits, coconut and caramel filling.  they were very morish.  we also had so many other chocolates and biscuits and so on.  on top of that, the guest had brought this pastry with custard, coconut and vanilla filling... it looked divine.  

well, i didn't have any of it. i kept myself in check. i didn't have any of it.  i was very tempted towards the end to just have some but i didn't.  i didn't.  i did well.  i did perfectly.  

so today has been a perfect day with my eating plan.  i was meant to do exercise today but it just didn't happen.  my hubby created dinner early and so i couldn't do, exercise.  i'll do it tomorrow.  at least i stuck to the eating plan.  the eating plan is my size and the exercise is my shape.  

i did very good internal dialogue and i definitely watched my water consumption.  it's been really good.  

so that was today.

tomorrow is going to be a great day too.  i am going to stick to my eating plan, i am going to continue with my water consumption and i am going to continue with the internal dialogue.  i'm hoping to do my run tomorrow (perhaps asking my mum to come over n look after the little one while i run).  it'll all work out.  

today i noticed that i looked much more toned.  my frame is looking smaller.  i am very proud of myself.  i am keeping it up :)


ok, hubby gratitude time

- i am grateful that he was ok with me n the little one escaping to my mums for the morning.  he was doing cleaning to prep for the guests and i needed to keep her out of his way.  it is just easier for me to be at mums but i know that he's the type of guy that likes to stay at home.  so i'm grateful.

- i am grateful he helped me out.  i got home a little late and after having lunch i only really had 1 hr to get all my tasks completed.  he decided to help me and fold/put away the clothes.  well, he folded them and brought them upstairs so at least it was away from the guests' eyes.  so it was great.

- i am grateful he did a lot of the serving and tea/coffee preparations.  i was so caught up with everything that i was just not there mentally so it was great that someone else took over.

- i'm grateful he's friends are so great.  they just loved playing with our little one.  that gave me time off.  i just loved it.  also, his mate said that my hubby is the sort of parent who sits back and doesn't really get involved with the kid and play too much.  he said it in a friendly way n my hubby wasn't offended but i'm grateful he said it because he's correct.  i had never made that realisation.  i've been trying to do parenting his way but our styles are completely different.  one is not more correct than the other.  i was so grateful that was pointed out and i made the realisation.  i'm proud of the parent i am

- i'm grateful my hubby made lamb shanks.  i love this recipe.  it's a honey glazed one with roasted vegies.  so nice!!! i felt spoilt.   i'm just grateful for having a great day :) 

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Comment by Tashy on June 13, 2011 at 8:54am

Hey Stephanie!

You should be very proud of yourself, because you are doing great!

I totally understand you. I need to lose 10 kilograms to reach my target weight. I'm trying to eat organic food with less carbs and fat. I have a diet plan, but it is very hard to stick with it... People are inviting me to dinners or bringing me food when they visit me. It's always something sweet. It can be very difficult not to eat it :)

I am going to succeed! Just like you!!!

Exercising, good diet, meditation!

I actually enjoy cooking a lot. I rather cook than eat outside (i'm fed up with restaurants actually). I always use healthy food... I have sugar cravings thugh. I eat a small plate of strawberries with agave syrup.

Good luck to you and keep us informed!

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