The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am soo proud of myself.  i've had another great day!  

i've stuck to my eating plan (although i did eat more food during my lunch but at least it was during my meal (not an extra outside of the timeframe).  i was very proud.  of course i had temptations but it was smaller today and i stuck to what i needed to.  

i ended up doing my exercise which i'm very happy and very proud of myself.  i ended up getting my mum to come over and look after the little one, and i was able to get on with my run.  it was amazing!  i feel so good.  

i stuck to my water consumption and it's feeling really good now.  i automatically go for water now.  it's very good.  i don't really need to think about it.  i still pee incredibly frequently but at least the cravings and hunger are getting washed away.  

my internal dialogue is going along great. i feel great.  

tomorrow is going to be another great day.  it's exercise free day.  i'm going to stick to my eating plan and keep up with my water consumption, and continue with the positive internal dialogue.   

i am feeling great.  


on a side note, i've been noticing my body toning more.  it's kind of bits and pieces and yet all over.  i'm very happy with the changes :) 


ok, hubby gratitude time.

- i'm grateful he's so great.  everything he does is for us.  

- i'm grateful he always takes the bins out, to the front for pick up.  i never have to think about it (unless he's away for work).  it's really good. he brings the bins as well so i really have nothing to do with it.

- i'm grateful he's been cooking dinner for the past 2 hrs.  he's very thoughtful and very caring.  this is his way of showing his love.... and the food is fantastic!!! 

- i'm grateful he's putting the dishes away.  i can hear him unloading the dishes.  i had every intentions of doing it all day but the day just happened faster than i could do all the tasks so it was left..

- i'm grateful he's always available.  our little one was calling for him after her bath (while i was trying to dry her) and he just came in and helped out.  that was soo great.  he even helped while i dried her hair as it's so cold here.  he's very caring.  

- i'm grateful he talked about his work.  i know it's hard for him and he'd prefer to just unwind and leave work.  it's such a big part of his life and i'm grateful he understands that it's a type of sharing that women love.  it makes me feel part of that side of his life.  

- i'm grateful he's a wonderful guy.  he really is very wonderful. 

- i'm grateful he tried to be more playful with our little one.  i know it is more natural for him to sit back and let her play on her own but he's stepped forward and is trying to play with her (things he's observed me doing, of course, but i don't care, i love that he plays).  she had such a good time.  

- there's so much more ... i'm grateful for him

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Comment by Tashy on June 14, 2011 at 2:10pm

I like reading about your healthy diet and exercise plan :) I'm glad you're doing so good.

It always nice to read about your hubby as well. It looks like he is really trying and you always give him a positive feedback. Amazing!

Have a great day!

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