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Hello dear deliberate, powerful beyond measure Co-Creators!

I miss writing... Rambling, putting my thoughts in a place where I feel they're worth it because ppl join for different reasons, but a same purpose: CHANGE.

I've known this place for some time, more than 5 years, probably! I remember setting 523,5 goals and intentions and not knowing what would happen. Well, a lot happened since then. I grew-up, matured, failed, achieved and came back. A dear friend invited me back, though I had no interest at the moment I applauded here for doing something about the nudge she had in making change, in being a Co-creator. After all, that's what I believe we are in essence, people able to do things IF we use what we know and believe and feel and think and have intuitions on.

I'm back because I've been nudged too! I remember being afraid of starting season 4 because I thought I just wasn't able. I've changed so much since then!

I want to practice what I've learned, especially the teaching of Abraham, the spiritual group guide voiced by Esther-Hicks.

The interesting thing about all the studies I've done on "being positive", self-help and spirituality is that they all say the same thing!1st of all, LOVE is all there is, the most quintessencial energy in the whole Universe. 2nd of all, you have to believe things to make them happen and change the way you look at things inside so they change on the outside (the beloved teacher Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Quantum Physics, they all say it). 3rd of all, it all starts with self-love and self-approval.

My main focus in this season is the 2nd of all thing above. How can you believe it's going to be ok when...It's not ok? How can you trust what you don't see? I see many people fall in this pitfall of "be positive and you'll get there", but become mechanical in the repetition of affirmations and prayers without fully using this tool we've been given, namely ou THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS and ACTIONS. Those are the tools we've been given to do sth about it without going outside for approval or support, but are also the ones ppl call you one when you do sth wrong...

As long as we're alive we will think,feel and act. We can be impulsive at times, passive at others, impatient even. It's usually a mix depending on what we're going through. The thing is: are we really committed to practice the stuff in the books? That's what this season is about!

I discovered through personal experience that life is not static, therefore life is as dynamic as a heartbeat, which means its bound to go up and down. The this is how we handle those. It's like ppl look at positive thinking as a straight-line type of thing, where you just live in absolute bliss feeling only happiness if you just "believe enough" and if you don't reach it is because you're doing it wrong... I've seen lots of ppl getting frustrated and quitting, some ppl reading books to keep trying to believe, still NOT believing and I just think that this type of knowledge has a way of being learned and practiced so it actually works, and by working I mean you get your own proof of what you've learned or you find guidance towards what you need to learn  (sometimes we're blind to what we NEED at the moment and it takes discernment to know the difference between things). In the end, the most important thing for me is becoming more of of YOU, who you really are. It's about evolution. This YOU is not you ego(the expression of your personality that characterizes you), I believe you are so much more than that. And YES! I believe in God, so you would be the individualization of God's presence, therefore there's God within you, because if God is everywhere, it has to be inside of you too. Being a Co-creator is being like God, so we are the minor scale of what God is (as the micro, the macro/ as above, so below). The thing is: that's how I want to live.

I've always questioned the thing about having positiveXnegative, goodXbad, although I know the difference between both, and feel it too! Good food is different from bad food. Good feelings and bad feeling and so forth. But hey, do we have to live believing they are separate things? What about the good that comes from the bad? The ying and yang? I just think it goes beyond that. I think we're whole and I want a way to live that helps me see things in a different way!! Get it??

Visualisation is my biggest tool this time because let's face it: I've been through it all: The Secret, positive affirmation by louise hay, the power of the mind, NLP (mind programming), reprogramming, lots of Tony Robbins, Neale Donald Walsh, several spiritual communities, Quantum physics, EFT, massage, holistic medicine, etc. Still, you see a difference between ppl who feel found and keep developed and ppl who fown because they "didn't get what they wanted". They were not contemplated by law-of-attraction lottery, didn't get the girl, guy, house, job, college, chair they wanted because "they didn't believe enough".

Believing is not a logical act, people... Believing is an act of FAITH. Is sth you either do or don't, like Yoda said. And when you believe something absurd or inappropriate it's called blind faith, you know? That's why we have to be careful and mindful of what we believe in. Sometimes it's so ingrained we don't even know we believe what we believe. That's when ppl talk about the subconscious mind, which is another chapter we could talk about as we jump the rabbit's hole and look for Alice and the late rabbit. That just means it's a huge subject I'm not gonna focus on right now, although I've read a lot about too and believe in.

The thing is: why can't I visualize myself being successful and getting what I want? And being happy? That really bugs me because I replay so many disaster scenarios over and over in my head! We as human being call it being "logical", "careful", but many of those tragedies never ever happened to me, and the fear and anxiety WAS there, believe me. But it has added to paralised me when I have to act. So why not giving it a try? Being HONEST with myself and KIND to myself too as I learn, as I go.

Deep down: am I positive or negative? Can we say someone is good or bad? And ppl who cross the line? Are we either Luke Skywalker or Dath Vader?

I look at the model of an atom and see there are protons, electrons and neutrons! I think I'm all of the above. and that makes me who I am, you know? I'm tired of "be positive" and struggling with ppl telling me "you can't get angry, this is not positive! don't be sad or you'll attract bad things!". Can I please be it all and learn with it all without considering myself a villain and still achieving some goodies and live joyfully as I go on this journey?

By the way, do you know that every rich person says that it's about the journey and not the destination? They always say that! Is that a clichè? A made sentence that everybody says? A bumper-sticker? *food for thought*.

So! Here's what I'm gonna DO: I'm gonna see myself living the life of my dreams. Get ready because I'm going to go crazy on it! I'll put baloons and call the clowns happy type of thing! And let's see what manifests as I do that.

Here's what I'm NOT gonna DO: do it for a day and cry because it didn't work. Quit half-way (call me on this one if it goes south XD). Be mechanical. Try to force it on my mind.

Ready? SET! GO!

Yeeeeeeees! Seing myself succed in all those qualities! See you on the other side. Whatever you're doing I support you and wish you the best of Co-creation!



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Comment by Let there be Light on February 26, 2018 at 2:26pm

Thanks, Sunny!

I'm glad to be back and I sure want to elaborate more on those themes (logic, dreams, what's possible!). Tnks for those wishes, I wish you all best.

Onward :D


Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 25, 2018 at 7:29pm

So glad to see you back! Yay!!! I hope you can stop replaying disaster scenes in your head and focus more on what is possible and PROBABLE. I definitely think there is a place for logic in your thoughts and dreaming. I look forward to your future posts to help us all get back on track. :)

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