The 100 Day Reality Challenge

S7, Days 16 & 17 - I got a mentor today

I finished the life insurance portion of my class for licensing, and I received a certificate. I don't think I've been so proud to accomplish something in a long time. I will be more happy when I pass the exam, but this is a huge step.

When class was over, I got to talk to the teacher for a bit. He has a really easy going spirit, very empathetic with his students, never discounts anyone's questions or makes a person feel stupid if they don't understand something that is basic. He's very patient and is married with two kids. He's only 33 too and has been working the business since he was 23. I asked him if he could mentor me professionally, and he said absolutely. He said there are a couple students that he's had that he talks to as friends outside of class and that he's always looking to encourage someone just starting out in life insurance. He said he worked with a company for 1 1/2 years for training and branched off on his own. He said he got his securities license and does business with many insurance companies to help service his clients. He has multi-million dollar contracts also, which is really interesting because he can give me advice on that dynamic.

I also got the chance to ask him what I should expect in my first year. He said that people expecting to make 150k their first year are disappointed, but he is making around 75k only working 15 hours per week as an independent rep working for himself. I could have passed out! He said I will easily make 30k the first year, and that most people stay with my company just for the training and branch off on their own.

I feel really good about my decision to do this. I feel good about being able to care for my family very soon. The best job I had only made 22,500 each year and I was so happy with that... I was working 60 hours per week though with behaviorially challenged juvenile delinquents though, so it was very very stressful and I was pregnant also. Now I have the opportunity to do much better than I had been at that time with less hours and loving what I do even more. It's like a dream.

I have some challenges going on right now, but they will be resolved soon. I won't focus on them and help attract them to me quicker lol so I'll just leave all of that alone.

I'm so glad to share these happenings with you.

Much Love,

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