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S7, Days 73 - 76 - Approved to Enlist with Waiver, and Permanent Writing Job

Hello everyone :) Greetings to you!

It's been a long time coming. I've been working on enlisting for a month now, and I am finally at the point where I am going to be able to enlist. I had a few options when I turned in all of my paperwork on Wednesday of last week:

1. Medical info approved and enlist on Tuesday, March 31st
2. Medical info approved with a waiver and enlist in about a week to a week and a half.
3. Medical info approved with consultation with physician, and after consult is approved then enlist
4. Denial, nothing more can be done.

I got number 2 on that list! YAY ME!! They don't know when I will be able to enlist by date yet, it depends on when the waiver comes back approved, but that is a wonderful event in my life. My ability to enlist will change many things. You can read about those changes on my blog:

The jist of this change is the creation of cash flow and benefits that are much needed for a foundation of comfort and basic living for my family. I really need that stability in my life.

My second bit of good news is in regards to the bids I have been winning for my writing projects. I won a bid for $50 on ScriptLance to write articles, and when I completed the articles, I was offered a permanent writing job at $75 per 50 articles (which I can write in 5 - 10 days) and continuing projects of the same kind. Permanent work that will make a significant difference on my debts! And the gentleman that I write for lives in Germany, has a 10 hour time difference and when I think I might be late I'm a day early lol. He's very laid back, loves the quality of my work, and didn't hesitate to ask me if I would write for him permanently.

Wow, so unexpected.

I had mentioned briefly in a couple of other posts that I have started another cash flow stream that I am testing. I won't go into detail about it yet because I still want to see what kind of money it produces, but it seems to be growing pretty rapidly this week. If it continues to expand at this rate and actually produces cash, I will begin adding my loved ones to it to increase the production and produce money for them also. I will let you know more details as it progresses. I am getting some additional information tonight that will help a lot.


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Comment by Tamara Rasheed on March 31, 2009 at 11:04pm
Thank you so much Maria, I was asking the Universe to bring me some uplifting comments and yours just made my day!

That stability really is important. I give more background about my need for stability in my blog link in my post above, and I am really asking the Universe to help me to enjoy my life and I see so many wonderful avenues opening up for me this year.

I had asked the Universe also to bring me a comfortable work environment doing what I love to do that allows me to relax in my day and not be taken away from my children, and I was given this permanent writing job that accommodates all of my needs. The only thing I have to work on is procrastination because sometimes I get too comfortable lol.

Love to you!
Comment by Maria on March 31, 2009 at 8:52pm
Hi Tamara, Wonderful news! Congratulations on all your successes!!!I am truly happy for you!
I also find that financial stability makes a tremendous change in our every day life. It is (not everything) but so important. I can so feel your enjoyment and excitement with all your projects:) I think that guy in Germany followed his gut-feeling and did so rightly about you...I am sure he can trust you would give him a hundred %.
Looking forward hearing more of your updates!
With love and light,

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