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Sample pages of the POETRY BOOK ➜ check it out



I am back yes with a bit of a delay.. but I am here! I'll write a proper blog in the next few days.. I want to share with you a link that shows a few samples of the poetry book. It features approx. TWELVE poems form each poet. Have a look. You can find some of my poems inside!


Enjoy it! I'll be back soon! I'm undergoing personal issues here that I'm bit thrown out of place. However I am here yes but a bit silent. I changed one of my other blogs and renamed it into bionicpoetrygirl. You can click on that name to see the page. I'll post stuff later. I want to create a new blog to connect with anyone who wants to find out how I hear with my cochear implant, how I experienced this and share also some poetry and things. Somehow I don't like my old account, I do but I think it's time for a change :)


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Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on April 29, 2011 at 2:44am
Thank you Candi!! 
Thank you for your kind words! Yes I became more confident and believe that I can do it but there are still times when I doubt myself, mostly when I have a writer's block :) I miss my sign language class, it's been a while. I still know how to sign but I'm not that fluent. I should definitely go back and take some classes. Sign language is amazing, a vivid language :) great to see you two have/had pleasure with it :))
Comment by Candi on April 28, 2011 at 7:27pm

Nice work, Sandra!  Thank you for sharing the link!  I flipped right to page 31!  <3 <3  Not nly did I enjoy reading your work, I think you look beautiful in this photo!  You keep getting prettier and more talented and confident all the time.  It's a privilege to watch your story!!

PS - My daughter takes a sign language class and is very good at it!!  I love watching her!  I took a few classes myself just because I think it looks so beautiful!  :) 

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