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Hello lovelies,

Well, I found it very pleasing to awaken to some glorious sunshine this morning. It was like a visual breath of fresh air after several days of what felt like grey torrential rain wrapped in greyness. Usually I love the rain, but sometimes enough is simply enough!

So I would like to post my intentions for today. I hope that getting them down in writing will somehow draw some extra power to them... And since I have to go and spend the morning in a hospital, I need all the cosmic help that I can get. Lol.

Luckily it is nothing too serious that we are going to the hospital about. My oldest daughter hurt her arm while she was on hers school trip in France,but she was well taken care of and is fine now, we only have to get it re-assessed with a doctor here.

So I guess that my main intention for today is that the hospital visit goes as smoothly and quickly as possible....and as quickly as possible (I'll add that twice to maybe make it come truer better - ha ha).

Okay, gotta rush...our chances of a fast visit lessen the later it gets...

(Later on)...

Wow. I am absolutely stunned at how well writing that intention down went. I guess that it is similar to the Abraham process of Scripting. We had the quickest hospital visit ever know to man, and then we went into the city to visit a museum and have lunch out. It was such a surprisingly lovely day. Like, waaaaaaay better than I could have ever expected. So I most definitely feel much more encouraged to continue this writing down of my intentions thing some more!

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Comment by Lil Miss Starlight on April 22, 2012 at 5:35am

Thank-you Thenetia, it did! xx

Comment by Thenetia on April 21, 2012 at 7:52pm

I hope your day went smooth as you intended. 

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