The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Saturday was GREAT. Today is the best day ever...

So of course I lost my mind and was thinking the universe was not necessarily working with me. Of course as always it proves to me it is. I was one off from my sales goals for the month I closed at 5pm at 4:10 someone walked in to purchase a membership. Then at 5pm a member brought his friend to sign up as well. So not only did the universe send me the sale I needed they sent me an additional one just to remind me we are in flow. Then I came home was relaxing and got some texts from a friend IM'ed another and was great to catch up with them. Not to mention that as I was walking into work a member told me I looked beautiful. I thanked them and accepted the compliment as it was given.

I am so excited about March. This month I am making great strides. I am becoming in tune with myself and in tune with the universe/source. My vibrational tone is at the highest it has been in years and getting even better. I am listening to things that are right for me and working on knowing immediately that my inner voice is from the part of me that knows all good is coming from the universe. And not fear. I am about allowing into my life and letting go.

So here is to a March that is better then I could ever think up.


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Comment by kelly on March 1, 2009 at 9:33am
Glad you Attracted.. I had a Pretty Good Day too Listened to some Great Jazz.. had a little wine.. I feel Optimistic./ won $10.00
. Have a GREAT Sunday

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