The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I drew this picture when I was 19, whilst I was searching for a flat in Seville.

A lovely Spanish Meryl Streep and her terrifying boxer dog, Bowie, let me stay in their super elegant apartment while I looked. There were marble floors, cut glass whiskey decanters and raunchy nudes all over the walls - it was top fancy! Skipping barefoot to the gleaming bathroom in polka dot pyjama shorts and a t shirt bearing an enormous image of Dr Dre's head, I felt, frankly, like a massive imposter. And also a bit of a tramp.


Anyway, I am one of these (lucky, lucky) people who gets singed and sunburnt just by looking at a decent weather report on the telly, so I did a little bit of sight seeing, punctuated with a lot of scribbling in my diary, safe in the shade. Anyway, this is what I drew:

I had no idea about the law of attraction when I drew this, but at the end of the same summer, an above average looking chap I had been nursing a colossal crush on, told me I was cute and gave me the CHEEKIEST of snogs before I moved back to Spain again for the year. It was only when leafing through my old diary that I spotted this and saw how I had created my own reality without even knowing it!


ANYWAY, to sum up, I've done a few more. And here they are :) The chap in these ones seems to have had a shave right in the middle of the action, but I think it's a strong look. Apols for my shoddy drawing style, I am trying to tell myself it's naive and endearing or something.. or (as my summer snog once suggested) CUTE! :/:/ not sure if i've succeeded! But, embarrassing scribbles aside, I hope these drawings let the universe know what I'm asking for, and I hope they inspire someone else to reach for their felt tip pens :)


follow my blog if you like for a few more ramblings, scribblings and my 100 day story :)

peace & lovecats

Annie xXx

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Comment by Annie Hopkins on November 12, 2011 at 8:12am

Oh no! Don't scream :( The perfect person is out there for you, you just have to know it and try and feel it every day! I'm very happy in my own company and I think that's why I've been alone for so long, cause I've given out feelings of contentment as a single woman, so I've attracted more 'single-ness' back to me. I reckon the best thing you can do is continue to love yourself and be happy and grateful for everything that's lovely about YOU! Keep going with the visualisation and really believe it :)


My manifestation happened entirely by accident! I honestly didn't know I'd done it until I looked back through my old diaries after having read The Secret. I do worry now that because I'm more aware of what I'm doing, it won't be so effective as when it just happened naturally.


I really wish you lots of love and luck and I recommend drawing yourself with your dream partner, doing something you love! It so much fun and helps you to really feel the joy of having that person.


Good luck Laila!!

love from Annie xxxxx

Comment by Laila on November 11, 2011 at 4:20pm

aahh, i envy you! You manifested a crush so easily. Thats so great! :)

As for me I have those periods when i try to visualize myself with someone and other periods when i just am tired of thinking about it:D Now it is sometimes even hard to imagine myself with someone, i am so used to being just by myself, that now i want to scream, i get angry and sad at the same time >:((((((((


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