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Hey all,
I am new here. I started into the law of attraction after seeing the secret and then reading the secret. It worked really well for me for a while then something I manifested went unfavorably and I quit instead of seeing where I went wrong. That being said I still used it little bits here and there without thinking. I wanted to get pregnant with my second child it only took us 2 cycles, I wanted to lose weight I lost 56lbs. I have a visualization board on my wall with a picture of my head on a "perfect" body, I was so driven and pictured my weight loss so much that I have dropped the weight in a healthy way in less then a year. I found this site and realized that I was using the laws without realizing it. BUT I was also using it in negative ways as well, always thinking poorly about money, thinking I was a slob so my house would be very messy, concentrating on my depression, frusteration and lack of money only created more. So the only thing going well was my weight loss. Then I plateaued which will happen when you concentrate on everything going :wrong" I am here to get my life on trakc in every way. To finish losing my weight, to manifest my husband the job he is satisfied with that can care for our family, to manifest a bigger living space so that the clutter doesn't overwhelm me. BUT mostly to change me so I am no longer angry, frusterated, depressed and negative :) In my 100 days I want to turn myself and my life around!!! I want to become a pleasant person to be around and to become happy with myself and my life. My boys need a backyard to play in, a playroon to keep their toys and their own seperate bedrooms. My husband needs a job that he looks forward to going to, a wife who keeps the house tidy and the kids happy and to be financially secure. I need a happy family, a place to be creative, financial security, to lose my anger, and to ENJOY life.


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