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Dear Co-Creators,

   I have filmed a short vlog for my first day on my smartphone, thinking it would be a lot easier, and in a way, it is, because my laptop is old and doesn't have a built-in camera and microphone, but transferring a 2 minute video from my phone to the website is a bit more complicated... I'll post it as soon as I can, we'll see if uploading to Youtube or via Dropbox is faster. For some reason, my laptop and phone don't always recognise each other when they're connected...

   My goals for this season are to attract the funds and resources I need to make my move to Prague, to attract a fun job in Prague which will enable me to practise ballet and dance and live comfortably, to attract good dance teachers, and of course a beautiful place to live.

   The practises I will be using are vlogging, a vision board, meditations by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, Abraham's 68 second process, and creative visualisations by Jeanna Gabellini from her Mind Games series. I will vlog every day, and find a practical and fast way to upload the videos, and I will make a vision board in the next few days, although it will have longer term goals on it. And of course, once I start going to dance classes in Prague, they will also be part of my practise, and I will tell you all about them when I start. There are a few good ballet schools there, with hiphop classes, and Flamenco schools too, which I've never done before, but always wanted to try.

   Thank you all for your support, now and in future, and I wish you all the best, wherever you are.

Ghislaine xxx

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Comment by Let there be Light on January 30, 2015 at 8:47pm

Hi Ghislaine!

I really like Oprah&Deepak meditations!! I do them whenever I can! Especially when they put up new 21-day challenges! I do believe this is a great way to keep centered and aware in our journeys.

Have a wonderful day,


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