The 100 Day Reality Challenge

  1. Homework
  2. Make lunch and dinner to take with me tonight.
  3. Get ready for work.
  4. Go to work and be totally positive :)))))) Not hard to do with awesome bosses :)))))))
  5. Go to school and WORK ON HOMEWORK!!! I neeeed to read Chapter 2 at least!
  6. Go to my classes AND BE ON TIME, especially for Math because he gives pop quizzes right on time and those who aren't there don't get the credit for it. Good reinforcement for being prompt!!!

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Comment by Sherry-Ann "Sherry" Stowell on October 28, 2011 at 5:10pm

Sorry that I'm doing this update the next day, but I got home from school last night and wanted to spend time with my BF before going to bed. I had to make a choice. I figure I can always catch up on my blogging the next day; I can never recapture bonding moments with my loved ones.


1. Homework...never did it. However, I read Chapter 2 before so am familiar with the process of creating a thesis statement for my essay. I also skimmed over the chapter again quickly before class. I did a few of my math problems before class but the homework isn't really due until this coming Tuesday so all is okie dokey with the teach. The math quiz was just a refresher of stuff I learned in Math 10 and Math 105. I was a little bit rusty at it so I hope that I at least passed :)

2.I did make my dinner but ended up buying the McD $1 value sandwich and used my Monopoly coupon for a free medium fries *yaaaaaay!*

3. Got ready for work, in a GREAT MOOD

4. Went to work and had a totally awesome and productive day. I LOVE MY JOB AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BOSSES. They are phenomenal gentlemen and teach me new things (even not job related!) every day that I work with them.

5. Got to school, tried to do homework but people kept coming up to me to talk story or say they saw me on "Cheap Eats". I feel so blessed by all the attention :)

6. I did get to both classes ON TIME and was very productive :)


All in all it was an AWESOME DAY. I was soooo happy :)


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