The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Now at day 10 and after three days of distractions of entertaining guests I can now get back to my daily routine of gratitude, meditation and excercise. I realize how much I need the consistency of my routine in order to stay on track and keep the vibrational match going. I joined the Abraham and Esther group and watched one of their Youtube clips today. They really are amazing in their views and teaching methods. When first learning about all of this, it was overwhelming and there was a lot that I just didn't get. Now when I listed to Esther speak it makes complete sense. Continuing to follow the path of knowledge has paid off.

I was often confused about what it means to be in alignment and be vibrating at the same frequency of what you want to manifest in your life. That really confused me. When I think back to that one thing I havn't been able to manifest since a few years now (although I was able to manifest it once before) I knew there was some missing link. I'm doing everything right- visualization, meditation, affirmations and still nothing.

I read something in a great book from Wayne Dyer called "The Power of Intention". And this youtube clip from Esther Hicks called "The only manifestation that matters" basically said the same thing. When you have control of your emotions and how you feel, then you have the ability to manifest everything else. It all goes back to how you're feeling. I notice that when I'm feeling good, and I mean really good then things seem to start falling into place. All the things I'm wanting to change in my life start to slowly unfold in front of me. I've seen evidence of this to know now that what they're saying is exactly right. So the question is, how do I get myself to feel that good? A few things that have helped me:

Gratitude- I know you've heard it a million times before. What's helped me is being grateful for the little things. The soft fleece blanket I sleep on that keeps me warm. I feel so good when I wake up from that soft warm feeling. The beatiful butterfly that landed on my husband's shoulder while working in the yard. Feel it at the heart, all the little things about life that make it so amazing. When you start doing that, one little thing after another starts to fill your bag of gratitude. As the bag gets fuller, so does your feeling of happiness and love. It seems so simplistic, but really it is. When I get myself to that point, I feel myself vibrating at higher frequencies that match me to intention and then things just start happening that I want to have happen in my life. :-)

I just wanted to share something good I've learned from all the years of trying and not succeeding. But now I see the changes happening, and I finally feel like I have control to put myself where I need to be to get where it is I want to go.

Lots of love to all of you out there trying to manifest your dreams!!!

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Comment by Dyshauna Young on September 28, 2012 at 9:44am
Sending love right back to you! I wish you continued success in your journey. I think I may find that book you mentioned, it seems very interesting.

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