The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello Co-Creator family

I am deeply grateful for Lilou and her abundance and youtube videos- I love listening to her voice and accent- it's soothing and encouraging

I am grateful again for this forum- every time I come here or think about it I feel energized and encouraged

I am currently using the Silva Method to train my mind to create all that I desire and I am enjoying the process- I am optimistic about my progress with the program and I beleive that practice makes success

My sister and I hosted a vision board party on friday and I was filled with inspiration as I re-designed our working space- I was happy with the food presentation I prepared and I was inspired to create a clear vision board for my career goals- I usually focus my boards on my self-esteem- that has been a necessary growth area for me- and the results have been big

I am grateful for knowing that I am a creator and I appreciate being on this path of learning how to bring forth my personal power- I am deeply eager for more deliberate creating- truely I am ready to expereince having more abundance financially and in my work life and in my relationships- i am staying steadfast

I am thankful for learning that faith is the essential nature of the material thing I want- so I have faith in the prosperity nature of the $5,000 paper check I desire. I am focused on cash in my wallet and my hands- I see myself paying off my taxes, saving money for my student loans, buying myself a new wardrobe, shop for christmas- apply to usm masters program and attend at least one seminar

I am thankful for the natural abilities I have in cosmetology- the styling I have done with my hair is fun and beautiful

I am thankful for a desire to start working out again and lose 30 lbs by christmas- that might be too much weight but I want to feel light and lean-

I am thankful that my boyfriend and I have decided to be friends so I am focusing on a healthy and harmonious friendship between us and i remain open to resonating with my soul mate

I am receiving financial blessings- my aunt gifted my some money this weekend which I appreciate

I want to feel more relaxed, more aligned, and more inspired so I am making this intention clear- I am thankful for being aware of what I desire

I have been confused about how to achieve the goals I set or even if they are what I truely want but i declare everything is working in my favor for my highest good and that of the universe

You know this practice of gratitude and self development is helping me to trust the good in the universe and trust the good in my life and my mind so again for that I am grateful

Happy holidays to all and I will continue to share

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