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Fellow bloggers,

Today has been interesting. I went into work today, feeling grateful about the flexibility it provided me. I have been practicing Abraham's Hicks Rampage of Appreciation process and one of my focus points today was 'ideal friends'.

I came across a girl at work who I had on/off conversations with through out the day and I realised that she has qualities that reflect mine. It was lovely and I am so very grateful to have come across like minded people. - all working towards my intention to manifest a good set of loyal friends :)

Secondly, I received a rejection from a law firm that I have applied to twice now. Now, this is a sign to me that the mighty Universe is bringing me bigger and better offers. Of course I wasn't meant to have that job... I simply am too good for it. Its all good. What else is possible? I am so grateful to the universe for showing me this sign and it simply is telling me that extremely good offers are on its way.

I am a wise fighter, I am a beautiful being, I am a successful person, I enjoy my life with passion and I live the most comfortable life one could ever imagine. Money is never an issue for me as I don't have to think twice before I want to do, buy or go anywhere. I am a powerful job and money magnet. I have connections in my life that are willing to die to work with me. I have houses around the world (businesses) that allow me to travel to them whenever I like. I am content in my life and I enjoy being me. I am 'The Nups'

Sending you all unconditional and positive vibes. I love you all. 

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