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I've had some ups and downs over the past 20 days I had one day that I got really depressed. And though that isn't good or helpful, it only lasted one day, (in the past I used to get depressed and it would last for days or weeks). It took a couple days of recovery, but even so lasted shorted then it used to.

I'm back to creating, though. Today, I'm going to get back to exercising! Yesterday I got on my wii fit and saw that I'm now into the mid 160s. Though it isn't where I wanted to be, it's not as bad as I expected. AND I've decided to focus one week at a time. This week I'll focus on getting my body moving again.

In addition to working on my health, I'm going to get my bi-monthly "work" done. (I work on a bi-monthly magazine doing layout and design.) I'm also working on getting my photography going still. And there is of course school to work on. I have a lot to help me focus on photography.

At some point this month or so, I want to get a notebook and some rubber cement and put together my idea book. I got a free several issues of Cosmo, and I want to cut it up for the pictures! If I could get a pose/idea book together for photography ideas that would be great!

Speaking of serendipity... I've been wanting to do a Victorian boudoir shoot for a while now. I knew a couple of people that might have been interested, but I wasn't sure.... and I wasn't at a point to be ready to ask about it yet. One would have had everything needed for it for SURE, but I thought she might have been a little to "proper" to do it... Even though Victorian undergarments are very covering (for what we think of as underwear), I didn't know if her Victorian propriety would let her be photographed in her knickers. The other, I've photographed her family before, (and our families are friends), but there's always been a little bit of an uncomfortableness between she and I (I dated her hubby a long long time ago), and when he tried cheating (with one of her friends) she some how tried blaming me... That was a couple years ago now, but I'm always on guard around her. ... So, anyway, A few days after deciding I really needed to talk to one of the two of them, the sister of the "proper" one (who is a friend of mine) came to me and told me that her sister wanted to do a boudoir shoot! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't mentioned it to anyone except my honey! So, looks like in late May we're going to get together to do the shoot! I'm so excited and nervous!

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Comment by Regina on April 20, 2010 at 5:13pm
Thank you both so much. I'm working one step at a time, (while allowing myself to be risen up). I know just the idea of the shoot will help me create more towards my goals. I know all my goals are waiting for me to be ready to be blessed with them. It's just a matter of being willing to accept my gift of life that I have created. As I see one serendipity after another, I move that I accept instead of fear (like so many) my divine right of happiness.
Comment by Sharee on April 20, 2010 at 2:27pm
great news about the photo shoot! hope it turns out better than you expect:)

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